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Tuesday 12 February 2019



Since I joined the struggle for the restoration of our beloved Biafra in the year 2015, I have very diligently followed election trends in Nigeria and have discovered same pattern of political campaign promises of heaven and earth by the politicians to the electorates. Vote buying is strife with different enticing gifts like bags of garri or rice from desperate political office seekers. Financial inducements are crudely treasured and administered with reckless abandon. At the end of it all, the gullible end up eating garri and rice or expended the money with virtually all the promises left unfulfilled at the end of the day.

The politicians turn around to order the police and the military to invade your homes across Biafraland to torture, arrest, maim and kill your fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters without any recourse. The Fulani killer herdsmen invade your communities and farmlands, rape the women and kill people with impunity, with absolutely no record of any arrest or prosecution. I have consistently heard of complaints of Biafran family members across Biafraland that there  exists no jobs, food, electricity and other essential amenities.

Let me ask you the underlisted questions:

* If a Fulani Islamic Fundamentalist President named Muhammadu Buhari has not done anything for you in his four years tenure except misery, victimization, injustice, humiliation, deprivation and death, do you then really think that voting in another Fulani Islamist called Atiku Abubakar, as your next President for another four years term, will better your life?

* What we are talking about here is radical Islamic extremists (terrorists). You want to participate in a flawed election that seeks to vote in another Islamic extremist (Atiku Abubakar) in place of an Islamic terrorist (Muhammadu Buhari), as your President?

* Do you really love your life and that of your loved ones?

Deep down in your subconsciousness, you know fully well that whosoever becomes the next Nigerian President will yet send you police and military officers to invade your homes and kill your loved ones. Do not be deceived by the false promises of protection by these same vampiric Fulani despots that you are clamouring for.

All those deceiving our people through their evil seeds of hatred and selfishness, must surely live to reap the fruits thereof, even down to their uninformed generations. And to all those who truly love Biafra, the sweetest revenge for all the pains, sufferings, abuses, humiliations and deprivations right from time and are resident across Biafraland, must tenaciously observe the Sit-At-Home as ordered by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide for our referendum, come Saturday 16th February 2019. Boycott the Nigerian presidential election by remaining indoors. Have a treat with Okazi soup amongst other affordable delicacies with your loved ones and friends.


Written by Rosie Omalicha Chukwu Segura
An American Activist

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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