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Friday 5 April 2019

IPOB: Christianity And The Biafran Restoration

Christianity And The Biafran Restoration

In the true context of human nature and culture, religious beliefs and religion form an integral part of the human life. Therefore it is safe to say that humanity cannot do without religion at a greater extent. It is also safe to portray the beauty of religion in relation to the beauty of life. The existence of religion is rooted deeply in the preservation of life and it's principles.

The world human rights organizations and governments, project the peace initiative to protect humanitarian rights and laws. The basic channel they use is the religious channels. These channels are most effective in communication, especially within the citizens (grassroots) to the least persons. This is because every man has a belief that binds his or her actions or thought.

For the greater part of frustration emanating from the religious acts and laws as a result of Religious fanaticism and ideologies, it is safe to say that Christianity and the Christians the world over have been on the burner for restoring peaceful coexistence among people of diverse religious beliefs.

Notwithstanding, the frustration emanating from various troubled Christian communities in Nigeria due to the silence of the international communities as the Fulani herdsmen wipe them all out. The Nigerian Christian Leaders have not represented the Christian communities in the light of true Christianity. They too have maintained a carefree attitude in the face of genocide. Always claiming to be maintaining peace in the face of genocide. The faithfuls seemed to be like the biblical sheep without a shepherd.

Based on this, Christianity which ought to be the heartbeat of the Biafran restoration has refused to stand with the oppressed and the marginalized. People now doubt if the Church still stand on the Gospel of freedom for all men.

Therefore in the pain of perceived rejection from the international Christian community, Biafran citizens must demand that their Church leaders lend their voice in demanding freedom for the people of Biafra from Nigeria oppressive government. The Christian communities which make up an approximate 97% of the Biafran population must be ready to tell her story and defend her beliefs. It's up to us all to show our commitment towards our norms and values and not portray the show of Shame with regards to pertinence and proximity. Christainity must Not be demonized even though her leaders have failed to live up the expectation demanded by it's communities. We will rather in an act of love demand they stop aiding the oppressors with their deafening silence.

Your Religion should not destroy life, but protect it.

Written by Chukwunonso Anioke

Edited by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

For Family Writers Press

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