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Thursday 11 April 2019

IPOB: The Unfortunate Reality Of Being A Nigerian

The Unfortunate Reality Of Being A Nigerian

By Canicols Chukwunonso Anioke
For Family Writers Press

Since the creation of the Nigerian Geographical space and the forceful amalgamation of the people of different ideologies and value systems, nothing has ever worked. Tribal and ethnic differences have been the bedrock of the appalling creation of Lord Lugard and his girlfriend Flora Shaw. Up till date, this maniac ideology of unity in diversity is the reason the contraption called Nigeria is malfunctioning. What can one be proud of being called a Nigerian?

To the outside world, everyone proclaiming citizenship of Nigeria is a criminal, a hopeless parasitic human. The sociopolitical institution of the contraption called Nigeria is the worst in human history. The Politics of total hopelessness is celebrated by the so called elites and applauded by the hopeless Nigerians. Pathetic!
Words cannot describe the extent of damage this Amalgamation of Penury has done to a once free people dependent on their cultural heritage and socioeconomic values and trade (Biafrans).

Today Nigeria ranks one of the most miserable Nations on Earth. Miserable to the point of barbarism. State sponsored terror attacks are now regarded as a norm. The morgues are filled with corpse of citizens who would have survived if there were reliable health care; mothers and babies die hopelessly on the day of delivery after enduring a torrid 9 months. Harvesting of human organs has become a lucrative business in Nigeria. People disappear without trace and their organs sold to the outside world.

The police arm called SARS is now a kidnapping squad to enrich themselves. They arrest ordinary Nigerians and force them to part with their monies. The educational system is in a complete comatose state. It is best called glorified taxation centers where you pay to earn a grade at the expense of quality education.

The military is unarguably another branch of the terrorist squad BokoHaram. With the Vanguard news reports of 3rd of April specifically informing the world of the integration of BokoHaram Terrorists into the Nigerian Army, it is now official that terrorists are now same with the Nigeria army.

You can now see that there is nothing to be proud of being called a Nigerian.
Her citizens now believe that the best form to acquire wealth and be respected is by becoming a Terrorist. Oh yes!! Terrorism is now a multi-billion industry. Even amid the genocide on citizens by the BokoHaram Terrorists, the federal government still grants them unconditional support, yet they kill Biafrans unprovoked. No Arms, No vandalization of properties, No offence from Biafrans yet they are exterminated.
All these exhibition of Tyranny and genocide on the citizens is as a result of the Islamic Constitution otherwise called a Military decree which favours Tyranny. Knowing fully well that Islam supports Violence and Genocide, the Constitution of Nigeria is branded in islamic principles.

While you hope for the best, be ready to destroy the worst.

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