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Wednesday 10 April 2019



10 April 2019.

Dear Theresa May,

I am delighted to write this onerous letter to you. This is my very first time of writing officially to you since you took over the political baton from your predecessor, David Cameron, who resigned shortly after it was announced that his country had voted to leave the European Union. Saying congratulations to you will be somewhat hypocritical considering the fact that the government which you are solely navigating has so far not performed credibly that will warrant any form of applause.

My primary aim of writing this letter to you is to remind you and the people of Britain that what goes around must surely comes around. And that no matter how long it tarries, one day the chicken will return to roost. As no man, no matter how swift, can run faster than his shadow.

Madam, I was outrightly shocked to my born marrow after I happened upon a short post you made on the 7th of April, 2019. In the said post on your Facebook page, you warmly acknowledged the victims of Rwanda genocide. The Rwanda war (a war, which lasted from 1990 to 1994, arose from the long-running dispute between the Hutu and Tutsi groups within the Rwandan population), which consumed about 1.2 million innocent lives, has continually remain an indelible pogrom in the global terrain. It was a war that showed the savage disposition of the black man. Above all, I must not fail to commend you for hypocritically joining other forerunners of peace and justice around the globe in remembering those innocent Rwandans who were horrifically butchered in that irresponsible war.

Madam, I am seriously worried over your double standard deposition and that of the British government. I am saying this because Britain, after 58 years, has refused, and even made several covert and overt effort in ensuring that the topic of Biafra genocide is not discussed anywhere. In fact, it is also obvious that Britain and other war mongers, who benefited from the spoils of the war, have been able to ensure that the media giants around their domain never make the mistake of discussing the issue of Biafra genocide, and even if they will do, the discussion will be marred with so much subjectivity. The mission is simple, Make Biafra the villain and make those economic hitmen who orchestrated and benefited from the war the victims.

It is now glaring to all and sundry that there exist a monumental conspiracy against the issue of Biafra genocide. What transpired in Rwanda cannot and will never for any reason be approximated to the blood bath which took place in the Biafran and Nigerian war. Many can choose to buy into the misleading narrative of 'civil war', but to me, there was no iota of civility in that war. It was more of a total annihilation of the Biafran specie. The motto of the war was simple, 'clean them up by any means and take over the oil'. The oil was more relevant than the lives of the indigenous people.

Madam, there are graphic and video recordings on the Nigerian and Biafran war available to the public. It shows how millions of children from Biafra, which is presently known as the Eastern part of Nigeria were starved to death during the war. Considering verifiable data at the public disposal, about 2 million innocent children died as a result of starvation. There were no food and medication. Children turned to skeletons with bloated stomach. While the total of 5 to 6 million civilians died in the senseless war.

During this ethnic pogrom, BBC, a British owned media house, was lying to the world that it wasn't a war and that what was going on was merely a police action to quell a mild rebellion. While this mindless mendaciousness was being sold to the global community, the British government and their allies, with interest in the oil rich Biafra, were secretly arming the Nigerian government to commit the most hideous crime and genocide in the history of mankind.

The war at the end of the day amounted to a huge collateral damage. Human and material resources were unreasonably wasted. Though the kingpins of the war will always say, 'no victor and no vanquish', but unfortunately, such bogus mantra is nothing but a spinless lie designed to rewrite what ought to be. Biafra lost millions of promising lives and their properties worth billions of pounds (in the present day estimate) were confiscated. Thousands of industrialists and families who had huge sums in banks lost it. Some were given 20 pounds out of the thousands they had before the war while others never received a dime.

Madam, the British government that spearheaded and also gave logistics to their surrogate in Nigeria during the war, has never for one day remembered and show a heartfelt remorse for the criminal role they played in that war. Is it not an act of hypocrisy and wickedness of the highest order? It worries me, to a great extent, that the British government has become more recalcitrant in ensuring that the injustice done to Biafrans during and after the war is never discussed, and expiation fully made on it. Moreover, efforts have not been made to bring to book those depraved hitmen who orchestrated the war for their selfish aggrandizement.

However Madam, as the number one citizen of Britain, you may attempt to feign ignorance of Biafra genocide, but I promise you one thing, a day is coming when the chicken will return to roost. The entire British empire in one way or the other will have to taste the same poison they served Biafra in 1967 to 1970. It may not be now but in the near future. Probably, the future generation may ignorantly bear the consequences of the dastardly action of Harold Wilson.

Conclusively Madam, I will like to throw up a challenge to you. If you truly think the British government has regretted and repented from the prominent part they played in the Nigeria and Biafra war, I will suggest you use 30th of May, 2019 (a day Biafrans around the universe use to remember and mourn their loved ones who were victims of 1967 to 1970 war), to show a warm solidarity to Biafrans as they will be remembering the victims of Britain and Nigeria's callousness. This solidarity can be demonstrated by asking BBC to run a one week video documentary that will show full footage of kwashiorkor stricken children from Biafra, and how international markets, institutions of learning and residential areas were mercilessly bombed and looted by the Nigerian troops. Also, how mothers and their young daughters were brutally molested and raped in the presence of their husbands and fathers.

This solidarity can be further demonstrated through a sincere change in the aspect of policy direction in the Biafra question, which means that Britain as a matter of national pride and importance must compel Nigeria to do the needful so that there can be an end to this long overdue issue of Biafra being an independent nation. If this can be done, then I can say that Britain has regretted and repented from the despicable role they played in the Biafra genocide.

Accept my letter with utmost sincerity.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst at Family Writers Press

E-mail: [email protected]

Twitter: @Kalunwokoro

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