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Wednesday 1 May 2019



In my position as Elders Chairman of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), IGWEOCHA PROVINCE in Biafraland, I want to use this medium to encourage all the family members of this unique global mass indigenous movement ever to be known in in human history, to stay the cause on the BIAFRA RESTORATION PROJECT.

Just like Apostle Paul's letter of encouragement to the Corinthians, I therefore say that "I beseech you IPOB brethren, by the name of Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty), that you speak the same thing and also stand on the same belief (BIAFRA RESTORATION). And above all, be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgement. I charge you all to put on the armor of  brevity, fearlessness, truthfulness, courage, commitment, uprightness, transparency, obedience, purity, etcetera, to fight on. Because our fight is a fight of faith, we believe most assuredly that the nation of Biafra must come in no distant time".

The undermentioned notable countries of the world who earlier took the same part as we are presently doing brethren, serve as moral boasts in our struggle. Such examples are:


It is indisputably established that the late President Nelson Mandela in his lifetime, spent about twenty seven (27)  years in prison custody after his arrest and conviction for his agitation for the liberation of his people. Additional two or three years of his grouse with the apartheid authorities of that country, gave his total period of persecution of thirty (30) years, before the evil regime was finally abolished. It may also be of great interest to note that within the entire period of the apartheid regime, there existed series of intimidation, militarisation, incessant arrests, detention and killing against black South Africans. They all sacrificed very dearly for years for their liberty and that of their upcoming generations. They never gave up. They remained undeterred in their quest for FREEDOM which eventually paid off.


Holy Bible account has it that the children of Israel went to the land of Egypt when Joseph  was enthroned a ruler at the age of thirty (30) years (Genesis 41:46). They sojourned in that foreign land until the PHARAOH that knew Joseph died. Joseph himself subsequently died and that was at the ripe age of one hundred and ten years (110)(Genesis 50:26). This precipitated the suffering of the Israelites as a new PHARAOH was installed (Exodus 1:8). However, before his death, Joseph had told his brethren that God would surely visit them in their condition of affliction, bondage and oppression; and also bring them out from their land of captivity which He promised to their fathers - Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 50:24).

The prophecy of Joseph actually came to fulfillment after their sojourn in Egypt for about four hundred and thirty (430) years (Exodus 12:40). It therefore means that the children of Israel were in slavery and misery for a total period of four hundred and thirty (430) years before their eventual deliverance. They never gave up.

It is worthy of note to state here that the same children of Israel were also in captivity in the land of Babylon for a period of eighty (80) years under the draconian rule of King Nebuchadnezzar. We should also be reminded of the recorded historical event of our time when the nation of Israel, regained full control of her ancient capital city  of JERUSALEM, in the year 2018 through  the courageous pronouncement of God's servant - the President of the the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump.


It is a well known fact that the reign of FIELD MARSHAL  IDIAMIN DADA the late despot of the nation of Uganda, was characterised with constant arrests, detentions, intimidations and killings. The unpleasant experiences suffered by Ugandans and others under his evil regime, lasted for many years. The people of Uganda persisted in their demand for a change of government which God in His mercy and love, acknowledged, thereby ushering in the much anticipated freedom through a change of government. The people rejoiced and regained their freedom.

From the above analysis, it is expedient therefore, to bring to the knowledge of our people that the road to freedom/independence, is decorated with pot-holes, thorns, death, destruction, victimization, deprivation, discomfort and betrayal. I therefore    encourage you brothers and sisters in this Biafra restoration struggle, not to be discouraged nor even begin to contemplate backsliding. We all must have to remain defiantly committed in our demand for the total and full restoration of the sovereignty of our fatherland, Biafra.  Let me also categorically state here that this Biafra restoration project which is characterized with such sterling qualities of brevity, courage, fearlessness, obedience, trustworthiness, unity, love, humility, uprightfulness, transparency, resilience and resourcefulness, must never ever be compromised. We must ensure that we committedly remain faithful in attending our various family meetings, paying our monthly dues amongst others, prayers and keeping our trust in God Almighty, exceptionally alive.

"Be thou men and may God Almighty continually bless you as you remain resolute in this all important struggle", Amen!

Written by Deacon Sam Izodinma
General Secretary, IPOB Obio/Akpor Area 2 & Chairman, Igweocha Elders

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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