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Thursday 9 May 2019



It is really disappointing that some supposed reputable figures and groups of Igbo extraction will be contemplating subverting the will of their own people because of crass egocentric interests, even at such a time like this. The so-called Ala-Igbo Development Foundation (ADF), Ohaneze Ndigbo and Fulani political slaves   and puppets (Governors), occupying Government Houses in Igboland should for once hide their pride and appreciate the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally and her supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for ground-breaking achievements so far recorded despite the odds. The courageous setting aside of 30th of May annually, in remembrance of Biafra Heroes/Heroines who sacrificially staked their lives in defense of their fatherland and people, must have to be commended. Most of these slain Biafran Freedom Defenders were gruesomely murdered during the genocidal war brought against our people between 1967 and 1970 by the Nigerian government of retired General Yakubu Gowon and their foreign allies, amongst others. These shameless Igbo political slaves and jobbers chose rather to identify with the oppressors by attempting to compromise this memorable annual day of Biafra history. These snitches in the mould of Ala-Igbo Development Foundation (ADF) and Ohaneze Ndigbo,  have secretly conspired to urinate on the graves of these Biafra fallen heroes and heroines by insulting the sensitivity of our living heroes/heroines through their creation of useless, pseudo and politically sponsored event. That, they hypocritically christened "IGBO DAY" and fixed it on the same Thursday 30th of May 2019, in order to subvert the collective aspirations of the Biafran people.

In as much as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not against any ethnic group in Biafraland, including Ijaw, Igala, Efik, Ibibio,  Annang, Urhobo, Isoko, Idoma, Itsekiri, Kalabari, Ogoni or any other tribe's designation of a particular tribal day of history, it is important to specifically remind humanity that should these Igbo political merchants under the auspices of Ala-Igbo Development Foundation and Ohaneze Ndigbo carry on with their planned desecration of 30th of May annually, tagged "IGBO DAY", they have grievously committed sacrilege against Biafraland in entirety.  They should be prepared for the consequences because the spirits of the land used the sacrifices of these fallen heroes and heroines to defend the land when the enemies struck between 1967 and 1970, etc, with the criminal intent of completely wiping out of history, the Biafra aborigines. IPOB distinctively retains her respect for the Igbo tribe as a rightful component/federating unit of the Biafra nation but will never ever compromise the valuable tenets of this symbolic annual memorial. Anybody or group of persons who venture into organising any form of symposium, public lecture or workshop in any part of Biafraland on that sacred date, invariably gives invitation for anarchy. The only acceptable and decent thing to be done across Biafraland on that day will be outrightly obeying and complying with the total "Sit-At-Home" order given by the global leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra, under the collective mandate of the Biafran people. There has to be condensed sober reflection in memory of our slain heroes/heroines and nothing else, come Thursday 30th May 2019.

Those Igbo groups itching to have their events carried out on the said date besides the Biafra Remembrance event, should better choose an alternative day of history with the "IGBO DAY" and interested IPOB family members of Igbo extraction could  possibly participate by choice. This is the only ideal thing to do if such plan is genuinely being organized to foster healthy relationship, void of political interest and motivation from Aso Rock cabals. 30th of May every year, has solely been mapped out for years now, as Biafra Heroes and Heroines Remembrance Day whether dead or alive and nobody is permitted to be part of any other gathering on this very eventful day. Any contrary engagement is at the risk of such individual(s). It should be noted that the trigger-happy Nigerian security operatives who yet lay siege in Biafraland, will definitely see you as a cheap and ready prey and you know what that entails.

Let this drum up the WISDOM you need. Use it!

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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