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Wednesday 29 May 2019



While the Nigerian population weeps in agony owing to the pains of economic redundancy or retrogression, humanitarian abuse, political tyranny, ethnic cleansing, unprovoked state sponsored genocide, insecurity and hopelessness, the government promotes, equips, and protects terrorists and kidnappers. According to recent data obtained by the World Poverty Clock a Vienna, Austria based group, Nigeria was rated as "Capital of Poverty" among the countries of the world. Over 93 million Nigerians are living in abject poverty.

No industrialization, No education, No health care facilities and with zero security. Nigeria is no longer in touch with reality. The hopelessness and miserable state of the citizens are quite alarming.

In the face of all these anomalies (extreme poverty and high rate of misery), the Nigerian government in an open show of commitment to terrorism and kidnapping, has on the 3rd of May 2019, granted the Miyetti Allah group, a whopping sum of 100 billion Naira to stop kidnapping at least for a period of two years according to the Daily Mail.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), declared to the public that the police will be working in tandem with the Fulani herdsmen terrorists turned kidnappers, in order to stop Kidnapping.
Directly, the Nigerian police has pledged allegiance to the terrorists while the presidency and the media outlets exonorate them from being tagged a terrorist group. This is a terrorist organization that the world has tagged, the 4th most deadliest terror group on the planet earth.

The Nigerian army on the other hand recruits Boko Haram into the military as a compensation for a job well done. It is now as if these terrorists are given license to kill without questions because of their recruitment into the security arms of the government. No one is safe. The police and the army are now enclaves of licensed terrorist activities.

Questions that are now begging for answers are:

1.) Since the federa government of Nigeria knows these kidnappers, why has the it not arrested or proscribed them?

2) Is the federal government of Nigeria complicit to the ethnic cleansing by these terrorists?

3) Why is the Nigerian police helpless in the face of incessant killings and extermination of the citizens whom she should protect against these combined Fulani Islamic terrorists?

4) Is Nigeria now a Fulani empire?

Worse of all is the educated but yet docile youths who constitute a whopping numerical strength in population of above 80 million. They have failed to demand justice and the rule of law in order to enforce economic and political rehabilitation, sustainability and security in the basking glare of state sponsored tyranny, terrorism and genocide. The citizens of the Nigerian State seem to have been indoctrinated in hopelessness.

The only glimpse of hope for the Nigerian citizen now seems to be the (the church) spiritual assessment,  which has unfortunately, assumed a money making venture for the opportuned. This aptly justifies Karl Marx's ditum that says, "religion is opium of the people."

What is the interest of the church within the Nigerian State as one may ask?
Political treachery and nepotism has infiltrated the sacred sanctuary of the church and the hope of godly leadership aimed to defend the citizens has diminished. Nonetheless, the church leadership is mute and blind to the atrocities of the Islamic caliphate against her people all for the benefit of a bowl meal of pottage.

Poverty is a willing tool of the oppressor. The islamization agenda is almost complete. The church leadership has all been bought over by the caliphate with millions of dollars and private jets. The local vigilante groups are  being forcefully disarmed while the Fulani herdsmen (killer terrorists), are empowered with billions of Naira and state protection. The economic activities of Biafrans are under strangulation. The Constitution of the Nigerian State is no longer supreme. The judiciary is now a cyclone of the Fulani caliphate against her perceived enemies. The voice of Justice is suppressed and it's sanctuary burnt down and desecrated.

It is a shame! Nigerians have a choice. We all have choices. Restructuring is no longer a consideration within the geographic boundaries of Nigeria. Total dissolution of Nigeria is the ultimate answer.

Join the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and demand for a referendum and total dissolution.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Nonso Ikeh
For Family Writers Press

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