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Saturday 1 June 2019



Biafra oh Biafra
Brave land of
Heroes and Heroines
Blessed with fortune
Painted with blood
And agony

Biafra my Biafra
Mourn, and mourn
The flesh of thy flesh
The spirit of thy spirit
The blood of thy blood
Spilled brutally
In cold blooded war

The brave men
Of age past
The sorrowful misery
The blood rain
 Falling, falling
Both in the past
And in  the present
Day in, day out
Like a raindrop
Just only for seeking
To wear freedom
Back home

Every MAY,  of today
The thrilling drum
Will beat to all
To observe the match
The ghost match of
Our heroes and heroines
That sings sorrows up
Into immortal spheres
Charging all heart
Into the midst of desolation
That shines upon our tears

Ghost, ghost
 In crowded street, schools
In market, offices
Everyone charged
To reflect, recall
The voices in the field
The battle field
Singing bravely
Songs of victory to fatherland

Very young, hearty
Steady in action
Friendly with hunger
And fought against odds
Till fell like
A thick ice

Yes they lived
And felt dawn
Saw sunset glow
But laid cold
Like ice
In the ice lake

Left behind a sword
To take up with the foes
The courage, to stand
Like pillars
The torch, to be held high
For a brighter sight
Till fatherland
Cry and bleed no more

Oh love of our
Brave past
Must grow not old
But we to grow old with
Ages shall not curse them
Nor condemn
Honour and remember them
At sunset, at dawn

A poem dedicated to all those killed in the cause of Biafra restoration, today being Biafra heroes day (May 30th, 2019)

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia O.
For Family Writers Press International

1 comment

  1. Biafrans remain strong and resolute. The pictures of biafran children during the war reminds me the day Aba fell in the hand of the enemy and we trekked more than 100 miles to Umuahia. Ooooh God give us Biafra


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