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Saturday 1 June 2019



Oh! Heroes and Heroines of Biafra — God’s wonderful creation on earth;

Oh! You hundreds of thousands of unborn babies violently and cruelly ripped from their mothers' wombs with devils daggers;

Oh! You millions of innocent babies whose heads were smashed while sucking the milk of life from their mothers' breasts;

You millions of children starved to death by a horde that lost its humanity;

The millions of women and girls raped and hacked to death by brutes;

The millions of elderly men whose heads were brutally severed and their trunks rail loaded as gruesome souvenirs to Biafra;

Thousands of defenseless men and women set ablaze or slaughtered by their hosts in various towns and communities outside Biafra land;

Oh! You courageous men and women who, without weapons, chose to stand up against ferocious marauding foes armed to the teeth with weapons never before employed in warfare on African soil;

and supported by a heartless segment of the international community; while the other segment simply sat aloof.

For thirty months, the enemy employed gunships, rockets, bombs, and all imaginable weapons of destruction against Biafra and Biafrans.

Your weapon was simply the name BIAFRA — a name for God-given land, for the people that have existed several millions of years before recorded history;

a name for the land and its people that are synonymous with Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all time.

You chose to stand up for Biafra and Biafrans whose only crime lies in their ingenuity, industry, perseverance, resilience
and their huge gesture of love, peaceful co-existence and unity with other nationales who unfortunately consider all the above repugnant, preferring ‘mastercracy’ which must be exercised by them.

Oh! You defenders of Liberty, Freedom and Justice, we bow our heads in eternal gratitude for your supreme sacrifices that we and the generations yet unborn may live.

May God Almighty grant your souls eternal rest!

Biafra shall live!
Hail Biafra!!
Hail IPOB worldwide!!! Hail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!!!

Written by Iheukwumere Uche
For Family Writers Press

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