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Friday 28 June 2019



The demand for accountability in any sane society is the required basics for both socio-political and economic development. It is an indispensable anchor   on which civilised societies remain progressively afloat. Accountability epitomizes the direction in which the life of the people swings vis-a-vis the free course of humanitarian laws and acts. The citizens' willingness to place demand for good governance and accountability is always effected through the instrumentality of diverse channels such as public peaceful protests, social media activism, symposia, articles and music.

As the demand for good governance and accountability heightens from courageous individuals in Nigeria, the populace are yet left with unanswered questions relating to the citizens welfare as a result of the tyranny of the Nigerian security agencies and the antecedents of self-serving political merchants. It is however a herculean task placing demand for accountability in a country like fulanised cum Islamic Nigeria where essentially peaceful/innocent indigenous people got illegally proscribed whilst the fourth most deadliest terrorist group in the world (Fulani killer herdsmen), consistently enjoy full protection and sponsorship by a supposed national government. None of the marauding Fulani Islamic killers has ever been arrested nor prosecuted for the wave of massive genocide and destruction being occasionally visited upon the people.

In fact, the patrons of these terrorists are in the Nigerian presidency. A radio station has recently been established by the Nigerian government, to facilitate their sinister agenda against the overwhelming non-muslim communities across the country. Nigeria is a ravenous jungle where accountability is forbidden, bearers are being persecuted and even killed.

* How then can accountability be demanded in a country where deadly armed terrorists are blatantly recruited into the security agencies. A country where the police pledged to cooperatively/amicably work with terrorists, with a colossal ransom up to the tune of one hundred billion Naira earmarked for the purpose.

* How can one demand accountability in a country where peaceful protests are not only demonized/criminalized but regarded as acts of war. Citizens are abducted, incarcerated and killed randomly at will by armed security operatives for upholding the tenets of the Constitution especially as it touches on the request for referendum for self-determination.

* How can one demand for good governance in an enclave where Freedom of Speech/Expression and Press Freedom are muzzled?

* How can good leadership be effected when the Judiciary is miserably compromised? A country where the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) is criminally imposed contrary to what the law constitutionally allows which is three months removal period of the incumbent.

* How can there be a demand for good governance when it is obvious that democracy is opposed to the theory of fascism as presently practiced? A country where citizens rights are not respected nor votes allowed to count for the kind of leadership popularly required.

Now is the time to completely do away with the watering of the tenets of fascism and political tyranny. There yet remains genuine hope to courageously place demands for the liberation and total dissolution of this tragic enclave of the British called Nigeria.
The will to live and the glaring consciousness of freedom remain the only pivotal beauty of humanity. It must be esteemed and pursued.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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