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Thursday 15 August 2019



The plan for community policing which Nigeria's Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu revealed that the federal government will embark on, is at best, one gigantic project. This is surreptitiously aimed at diverting attention from it's acquiescence to the murderous AK47 wielding Fulani killer herdsmen and their sponsors, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), since the emergence of Buhari led APC federal government. Their heinous activities which include but not limited to ethnic cum religious cleansing, rape, abduction, land grabbing, killing and incessant threats to life and property of the innocent/law abiding indigenous population within the Southern and Central parts of the ravenous  jungle called Nigeria.

In all these satanic enterprises, the government in criminal connivance with Fulani oligarchy and supporters, have still not deemed it necessary to publicly condemn the perpetrators or get them arrested for prosecution even when the culprits defiantly accept responsibility. Victims have been left to their fate, mourning/burying their dead, licking their wounds and agonizing over the loss of their ancestral lands and properties.

The Nigerian government under the fistic grip of tyrant Buhari and his cabalistic All Progressive Congress Party (APC), have been behaving as if hundreds of thousands of innocent, defenceless children,  women and men gruesomely murdered by these marauding vampiric herdsmen, are just mere flies. The Fulani cabals in Aso Rock and their grossly deranged supporters pay colossal sums of money to the terrorist herdsmen in compensation, arms procurement and protection. Some years back, Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, was reportedly quoted as saying that he paid forty million naira (40,000,000.00) to the Islamic jihadi invaders, to forestall further killing of the indigenous people of Southern Kaduna "because the governor happens to be one of their own".

The money so callously expended, was not to ghosts but to well known persons who should have been arrested and prosecuted for mass murder. What a travesty of justice! Did the herdsmen stop with their genocide? The answer is No!

Few months ago, it was also reported that the Fulani Islamic government of Nigeria, arrogantly gave out the sum of one hundred billion naira to the same terrorists "ostensibly for arms acquisition", whereas other peace loving nationalities within the Nigerian contraption are being disarmed by executive fiat. After several attempts of denials, Miyetti Allah came up with a statement that former President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan made a promise to them with such an amount. This according to them, was meant for the establishment of ranches in their home states, claiming that there was absolutely nothing wrong if Buhari administration fulfilled that pledge.

Has any ranch confirmatorily been established in the so-called home states of the cattle-herding/trading association? It is still a mirage. Miyetti Allah and their collaborators instead, went about threatening the indigenous land dwellers of dire consequences should they fail or resist repudiating their lands for private grazing businesses called RUGA Settlements. As if this does not suffice, they defiantly and arrogantly placed demand for the establishment of their own vigilante groups in various indigenous communities "whether the people liked it or not", a statement which the presidency seemed to have directly or indirectly re-echoed.

Having realized that the indigenous nations within the South and Middle Belt regions, vehemently rejected both the RUGA and the Vigilante berths, it then appears that the Nigerian government has rolled out another grand plan to further hoodwink the gullible through community policing which on the face value, suggests one of the effective modules to arrest the  rise of criminality in the society which is however fraught with restive questions wrapped up in distrust and insincerity.

* Why is it that the Federal Government of Nigeria which has been steadily opposing the establishment of State Police now suddenly started talking of community policing by-passing the States?

* Which of these tiers of Government is really closer to the people: State of Federal?

* Who is rightly positioned to conduct the screening and recruitment of the said community police officers to ensure that terrorist infiltrators who may attempt having their ways under the guise of "Traders Associations" are appropriately sifted from being recruited to police the indigenous communities within the Southern and Central zones?

If the authorities at the federal level will conduct the screening/recruitment exercise, one then stands to reason that the proposed community policing is a ploy floated to officially re-engage and re-deploy the terrorists across various indigenous communities to undermine the existing security structures already in place; just as the so-called repentant Boko Haram terrorists are said to have been re-integrated into the Nigerian army. Any wonder then why the Nigerian military is reported by Wall Street Journal (WSJ), to have secretly buried in mass graves at odd hours in the night, about one thousand Boko Haram terrorists slain Nigerian soldiers since last summer?.

Other factors that totally render the community policing project by the Abuja based cabals suspicious, include the inability of various state governors especially within the Southern and Middle Belt regions, "is the fact that he who pays the piper, dictates the tone". What is presently happening in Benue, Taraba, Enugu and virtually all  the States within the indigenous regions, is a clear pointer that the Governors are ill-prepared or handicapped as Chief Security Officers of their States. The Nigerian government controlled security personnel often look the other way when herdsmen commit heinous crimes of ethnic cleansing, rape, kidnapping, etcetera, against the people. The State Governors' orders that the perpetrators be arrested for prosecution are blatantly ignored while the criminals are allowed to defiantly walk the streets in pride. At times, a make-shift exercise is carried out by arresting the victims of the crimes.

Whether community police officers that may be recruited by the Federal Government of Nigeria will eventually bear arms or not, is irrelevant, if perhaps they are barred from bearing arms because of "low risk assignment"  or simply to act as police informants. Their "residency" in an indigenous community or "traders association" will simply be sources of ready information to other armed jihadists taking cover in the forests and bushes, awaiting to strike within the operational environments. If the community police officers are armed, the jihadists within, will most certainly reinforce their hiding colleagues in other to assume legitimacy in their nefarious plots of unleashing mayhem on the innocent, law abiding indigenous citizens.

Another factor that showcases the community policing plan as a mere smoke-screen is the number of community police officers that will be recruited. And compared with the grave insecurity challenges Nigeria is presently grappling with, fifty police constables or community police officers given in a particular local government area will definitely be insufficient to contain the menace of Fulani Islamic terrorists facing the people, that is if they will not be an integral part of the problems. The Nigerian government has consistently and vigorously been opposing the establishment of state/zonal police outfits on the flimsy excuse that state governors will employ the usage of such innovation against their perceived enemies as if the hands of the Aso Rock based administrators are equally clean.

Does anybody need to cite the instances of the travails of Senator Dino Melaye in the hands of the Nigerian Police Force? What about the experiences of the Shiite Muslims, their leader, Sheik El-ZakZaky and his wife? What about the criminal and unwarranted deployment of combined security operatives (Police, DSS, Army, Navy), to effect arrest, detain and massacre unarmed, peaceful family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), even in their homes, prayer grounds and churches. These atrocious treatments are well known to the international community. The present occupants of Aso Rock in complicity with Fulani oligarchy, are not comfortable with the endorsement of State police or indigenous community vigilante groups especially within the Southern and Middle Belt regions because these will constitute formidable resistance to their rabid desire to fulanise the entire geographical landscape called Nigeria. This is their fear.

Written by Iheukwumere Uche

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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