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Thursday 15 August 2019



It is very unfortunate that Nigeria is daily toeing the path of self-destruct by through the lawlessness of her administrators. The federal government has shamelessly given itself over to tyranny and vampirism through the instrumentality of it's security agencies especially, the Department of Security Services (DSS) and the Police. These agencies have relentlessly been kidnapping uncountable number of innocent family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in gestapo style and getting them illegally incarcerated for even more than a year without arraignment in court. It is incumbent upon the Nigerian judiciary to arise from docility and begin to carry out it's mandate by protecting the rights of law abiding citizens. For close to four good years now, the Nigerian jihadi cum grossly lawless security agencies particularly the Police and the DSS, have not only been abducting law abiding members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), but also illicitly keeping them incommunicado in detention facilities for months and years without formal court trials. The criminal and maladious antecedents of these supposed professional/disciplined security agencies, have really become sources of concern to the sane, where the duty of the judiciary globally, is to give definitive interpretation of the law that will engender the protection of the citizenry.

The agonizing aspect of these evils however, hinges on the connivance of the Nigerian judiciary to deny the victimized, accelerated hearing/acquittal even when the IPOB legal team drags the culpable security operatives to  court for their failure to either release or arraign their clients that have been held incommunicado contrary to the provision of the law. The judges are equally corrupt thereby hampering constitutional stipulations. They make fortunes for the courts at the expense of the victims by granting them conditional bails. Recently, three IPOB family members were released on bail after prolonged, illegal detention that lasted almost a year. They were kidnapped from their residences respectively at very odd hours of the night by the lawless and vampiric officials of the Department of Security Services (DSS). The victims who recently regained their freedom on bail, are Mazi Justice Ude, Mazi Emmanuel Chigbo and Mazi Uchenna Emenike.

It is on this premise that the Nigerian Judicial Council (NJC),  should be queried on when it will commence punishing obvious choice of lawlessness blatantly and frequently being exhibited by the Nigerian security agencies whose stock in trade revolves round kidnapping and detaining law abiding citizens without arraignment in court?  Have the Nigerian courts so degenarated to revenue spinning institutions through disgusting bail bonds  in cases relating to human right abuses? IPOB legal team has on innumerable occasions dragged either the Nigerian Police or DSS to court for failing to either release or arraign victims in court. It is a shame and crass negation of judicial ethics for law officers to be involved in professional money extortion termed bail in Nigeria. Immediately the huge sum of money is paid to the court registrar, the gravely compromised judges    uninterested in digging deep according to the calling of their profession as demanded by the Administration of Criminal Justine Act (ACJA).

Underneath are few instances out of numerous cases where IPOB members were detained without trial   and dubious grant of bail. There is absolutely nobody mentioning these cases  any more. They include:

(1) IPOB Women illegal detention in Owerri by the Nigerian Police. After  their bail was effected, the police was never called upon to give explanation on the reason why the women were arrested in the first place.

(2) The arrest of IPOB members by the Nigerian army at Ibagwa/Nike military check point in Enugu, took place while the family members were traveling to Nsukka for a program. Over one hundred and forty (140) of them were illegally detained. No crime was committed by them though except for the mere sighting of Biafra insignia in the bus they were traveling on. They were later granted bail. None of the army officers involved was ever punished for violating the right of these people.

(3) The Nigerian Federal High Court in Uyo presided over by Honorable Justice Ifeoma Ojukwu had ruled that Mazi Bright Chimezie Ishinwa earlier detained by the DSS be immediately released even unconditionally with a compensation of five million naira. This ruling was brazenly rubbished by another Judge, Justice Binta Nyako of Abuja based Federal High Court, thereby clearing the way for the DSS to go scott free with numerous court contempt hanging on their neck.

(4) Most of the time, the IPOB legal team had dragged the Nigerian Police/DSS to the courts to seek redress for abysmal human right violations against the  activists,

which ended without commensurate disciplinary action taken against the offenders.

The time has come for the IPOB legal team suggestively, to initiate suits against the Nigerian Police and the DSS for their inability to substantiate the allegation upon which they have been illegally abducting and detaining their clients at will. The legal team must have to understand however, if it is lawful for the security agencies to arrest law abiding citizens at random, keep them incommunicado as much as they can with their rights criminally violated and later get them released after paying colossal sums of money via court rulings (bail). It has to also be investigated if bail bonds (money) being extorted from IPOB family members are shared as booties between the corrupt Judges and the security agencies. A citizen cannot be arrested in a civilized society and kept incommunicado amidst severe torture and bail, the case just suddenly get closed without evidential proofs substantiating the reason behind the  arrest/detention. The security officer who effected his arrest at the first instance must definitely not go unpunished. This is the ample time for the resilient, courageous, highly enlightened and dependable IPOB legal team to teach this company of grossly compromised and shameless Nigeria security agencies involved, the required lesson.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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