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Saturday 3 August 2019

They Still Kill You Even In Your Political Correctness

They Still Kill You Even In Your Political Correctness
Catholics priests protest the killing of their colleague by Fulani Herdsmen 

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

I have not been consistent online due to some issues. Gods willing, I hope to bounce back soonest.

I am sad, I am really really sad. I am sad because there are sad events that would have been averted had it been everybody joined to condemn the birth of the baby devil committing atrocities in our lands before he got to adulthood.

On this wall, I have spoken out and condemned every move of the herdsmen. While on it, those that ought to use their pulpits to inform the people about the evils of the Fulani herdsmen chose political correctness. They used every avenue to demonize IPOB, branding them trouble makers. They tell you to pray for a country that eats her own people. They say you should pray for peace for those who believe in bloodletting. Can you pray for the repentance of Boko Haram minded individuals?

It is no longer news that Rev Father Paul Offu of Enugwu diocese was gruesomely murdered by Fulani herdsmen in Enugwu state.

The priests that should have been talking since, all went out in protest. It have touched them and they are now out. Will they sustain it? I can't tell. We are always faced with the saying that whatever goes around comes around. In the same Enugwu state, a seminarian with other people were murdered by Fulani herdsmen and everywhere was quiet.

I want to tell the Catholic Community that the days of political correctness should be over. Any Catholic priest calling on Federal government to secure him is a resounding joker. It means you don't understand the country you are in.

When hunger attacked the faithfuls, it didn't reach you. You cared less. When the terror attacks started you all kept quiet thinking that it won't get to you. They desecrated the Church in Ozubulu and you all started singing how it was a drug war. We that maintained it was a terror attack were called names.

I still remember a roommate then, now a priest who cautioned me, telling me to stop peddling lies. Another in USA mocked me and what I do. One thing I have come to realize is that I have the gift of intuition. I see things through the actions of people. I am a great reader of events. From one events I can say what next. It is a gift and I think this is the first time I am saying it in the open.

The problem of Nigeria can't be solved without a return to a regional government. And the events of today have shown that Nigeria government led by the Sokoto caliphate won't allow that. Is it not now better for priests to join this crusade about Biafra?

In your political correctness, yet you are murdered. Why not confront your fears and start telling people about the need to end the wickedness called Nigeria? How many people have to die for One Nigeria?

For one Nigeria, thousands have died via many Islamic religious riots.

For one Nigeria, they killed more than 50,000 of Easterners, mostly Ndi Igbo in the streets of Northern Nigeria, in what they today call pogrom.

For one Nigeria, they happily murdered 3.5 million Biafrans. Do you really understand what 3.5million people is? They practically wiped out a whole country. Some countries of the world are not up to 3.5million. That's something they killed to keep a useless country like Nigeria one.

For one Nigeria, a thousand soldiers have been SECRETLY buried without information given to their families. They fought and died for a country that can't even honour them.

One Nigeria have destroyed destinies and sent youths into the Sahara desert and Mediterranean sea to die. Our forefathers were forced into slavery through the same desert and sea, now our own fellow black race is doing same to us. Forcing us into choosing slavery in a foreign land.

One Nigeria now kill people for ordinarily protesting. People are proclaimed terrorists for protesting and demanding for justice and referendum. Yet in your pulpits you blame the youths and say they killed themselves.

What type of men of God are you people? You tell the people not to fornicate, but can't tell the leaders the TRUTH they don't want to hear. Is it not time you left the abundance on the table of politicians, join the poverty stricken table of your faithfuls and demand for FREEDOM?

For many years, we have been saying it that Biafra is the answer. One day, you all doubting Thomases will come to accept it. You will all see that the North doesn't care. Isn't it the same people that supervised the murder of more than 50,000 Easterners that are still leaders today? Isn't Buhari still the President? You simply can't cohabit with the North. Their every move is to dominate and not for progress. Tell me how you intend to stay with such people?

Wake up now and say no to political correctness.

Do not Rest In Peace Rev. Fr Paul until you hunt all your killers. Only then can you rest in perfect peace.

Stop pretending as if such prayers are not there in your Holy Bible.

Elochuwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, A Teacher And An Activist Writing For Posterity Sake.

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