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Friday 13 September 2019



I am lawless
Let pen and paper
Take it down to history
People should know it when I am gone
For I am not safe
For any inhabitant
So deadly you can call it
I molest even when one is friendly
I kill those who call me father
For political and religious offer
I have no sense of love or regard
For human lives
Hunger and hardship
A favorite gift I offer to my children

Yes, I am lawless
Blood flow is daily rain which I enjoy most
Those who run my affairs
Have no idea of leadership
And cannot read crime properly
Yes, very expert in lawlessness
Fond of corruption and looting

Yes, I am lawless
I am not really safe
For everyone
If really smart, Africans
Save your face from me
Save your pride
And question my atrocity
And look into my existence

Yes, I am lawless
And will continue to be
Do you know why?
I was created by fraud
I then became fraudulent
And produce fraud
Even the smile in my face is false
The promises I make are all false

I am lawless
You really need to understand it
I have no solution to change
I will continue to shame all
Until everyone realizes
That my existence is a crime to humanity
A disgrace to men of integrity
A shame to the entire
black race And a giant blocking talents
Wasting in the East
My Name is Nigeria

I am lawless
If I wish respect from
other continents
Dismantle me
And see the new face
Of the black race
When the sun rises
From the East
Biafra sun! Biafra, Land of the rising sun

#All hail Biafra !

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia O.
For Family Writers Press International

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