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Friday 13 September 2019

The Wickedness Of South East Leaders And Why We Must Stop Them Before It Is Too Late

The Wickedness Of South East Leaders And Why We Must Stop Them Before It Is Too Late

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

It is a known fact that the Federal government of Nigeria was established to marginalize and put Ndi Igbo in check, but the rot being created by South East leaders is something we have neglected and refused to talk about for far too long.

On the day I celebrated my birthday, I made a dash to Aba, the great Enyimba city for some personal reasons. For those who don't know Aba, it is the industrial hob of Igbo land, only seconded by Nnewi. The ingenuity in Aba can match India and China, if not for the neglect from the selfish and insensitive political leaders. I literally shed tears as I watched first hand, man's inhumanity to man in the name of leadership. It is in Aba that you will understand that those that call themselves our leaders are purely  evil and wicked.

At Port Harcourt road, I saw man-made river right on the road, with inscription "Danger - Deep  Water don't enter". As Keke swims pass the river, those dirty waters will be splashing on passersby and even those inside the tricycle. Wearing a white cloth in Aba is now a sign of insanity. I saw school children wearing rain boats to school. Everything in Aba has increased due to bad roads. You will have to board many Keke before you can reach your destination. That's because you will have to end your journey with one keke, only to trek through tiny paths in order to boycott the deep water and board another Keke. This is normal for those living in Aba. At a certain place in the same Port Harcourt Road, I saw a mountain of refuse dumped carelessly. Very very huge. You can never believe it that humans live there, if not that your logical reasoning will inform you that, those refuse  won't be there if not that humans dumped them there. As a result of these abnormalities, businesses have completely closed down in the areas due to bad roads. It won't be wrong for one to ask World Health Organization to declare Aba uninhabitable for humans.

Abia state government doesn't care. The people living in Aba doesn't care also. They laugh over it and gladly pay tax to the government. They have seen it all. In fact, some people in Aba who are also suffering Governor Ikpeazu's wickedness are still on Facebook praising the same man that have brought them down to the state of animals.

This is not only happening in Abia. For the past one year, Onitsha-Owerri road and many other roads like Obodoukwu Road in Anambra state have been in shambles. Cars spend hours there before continuing their journey. Yet, Governor Obiano have refused to repair these roads. Some will say, oh it is a Federal road. What a nonsense! What Federal road? Who allows his people to keep losing money and time just because of a Federal government that is instituted to marginalize them?

I have come to the conclusion that those we call Governors and Senators in Igbo land are stooges who pounce on their people whenever they want to draw blood. Nonentities that are in bed with their oppressors. You can't see any South East governor call out the Federal government for their inability to fix the Federal roads in Igbo land. Go to the West and North, take a  look at the Federal roads over there and compare them with what we have in the South East. Our governors see these and do nothing. They would instead praise the President and betray their own people.

That people are still on social media praising these governors is beyond my imagination. Why are people still on Facebook praising Anambra and Abia state governments? Are these people not seeing the rot? I think it is time for us to put friendship aside and tackle appropriately, the puppets whom these governors are using to paint themselves what they are not. It is on this note I must say that WE THE PEOPLE are contributing to the problem of leadership in Igbo land. As we cry over the rape by the governors, we also tell them to position their genitalia well for more easy raping.

Why are we not holding our leaders responsible, yet most people will always write to criticize IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? You write epistles in support of governors who have denied you everything, only to talk down on a man sacrificing everything to restore your dignity as humans.
What are you gaining from these leaders you praise? They don't provide shelter, no electricity, no water; absolutely nothing! Yet you praise them. What is the essence of leadership without these basic things? Some will ignorantly tell us we should give governors time, before we can start holding them accountable. This can only happen in Africa. You mean that we should all wait for two years to pass before we can criticize them? You guys are insane. People praised Rochas and suggested we give him time. He doesn't need distractions. That man for 8years became a disaster. He completely wasted Imo state money constructing substandard roads and infrastructures. Do you understand it? I guess you don't. Almost all projects done under Rochas are a waste, as all roads and infrastructures have collapsed. If you are not tired, I am tired. I am tired of praising useless governors who will always start with some levels of abracadabra, only to end as a disaster.

Time to rise up against these leaders and those that promote them is now. Take it as a war between WE THE PEOPLE and them. The only power confronting them is IPOB. You must support IPOB for the sake of posterity. We must save our future generation from the hands of insensitive leaders who do nothing other than creating poverty and hopelessness.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a philosopher and a Teacher.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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