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Sunday 20 October 2019

IPOB: Oppressors Will Never Believe In Your Freedom!

Oppressors Will Never Believe In Your Freedom!

One thing that is common with oppressors is that they don't believe that those they oppress will ever get freedom. The biblical Egypt never believed that Israelites will ever secure freedom. They flogged, beat and humiliated them. The Europeans and Americans never believed there will be a day the African-Americans will ever gain freedom, vote and be given equal right with the whites. Sudan who impoverished South Sudanese never believed a day will come when South Sudan will sing their own national anthem. Ethiopians never believed Eritrea will ever become a sovereign nation. Likewise the apartheid by White people in South-Africa who thought that the black South-Africans will forever remain their slaves. These things are very common with the oppressors.

The other day I traveled from Imo state to Aba, and from Aba to Onitsha. I noticed that no federal road in South East is in good shape. Umuahia/Aba express way, Aba/Owerri Express way, Onitsha/Owerri Express way, Enugwu/Onitsha Express way, etc, are all in horrible shapes. They are death traps littered with deep potholes. The region is denied seaport, international airport and railway. There is absolutely no federal government presence. Go to the west and north, and you will see multi-laned federal roads. But the East can't boast of ordinary dual lane of road.

When you log in to the internet or listen to news, you hear northerners and some Yoruba people say, Ndi Igbo will continue being their slaves. They tell whoever cares to listen that an Igbo man will never become President. They are totally confident that they will continue marginalizing the Igbo and Biafrans in general and nothing will happen. Some of them are always quick to brag that Biafra will never come. Some will callously tell you to ask your fathers what they did to them. They boast that they will repeat it over and over again. They are actually saying that they will repeat the pogrom that saw the killing of more than 50 thousand Easterners and the genocide of over 3.5 million Biafrans, just like they did in 1966/70.

Brothers, when you hear these things from these people, just remember that some Americans said it, yet today we have black freedom in America. White people in South Africa bragged how they will forever humiliate the blacks, yet today black majority is ruling over them. Sudan and Ethiopia claimed how South Sudan and Eritrea will never be free, yet today both nations are free.

Oppressors will never believe you can make it to freedom. Believe me when I say it, in the nearest future, if at all their will be Nigeria, Biafra won't be a part of such a country. They will never understand your determination. Don't forget they said you love money and can't lock up your shops, yet millions of people locked up shops and went to every of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's rallies, using their monies. They said you are not united, yet you all obeyed series of sit at home order from one man without political power or monetary inducement. They said Nnamdi Kanu can't come down to Nigeria, he came defeated them in their court and prison, subdued their soldiers and without their useless passport he made it to Israel, and today, he tours the entire world preaching Biafra. They said your Biafra is a Facebook country, yet IPOB have been protesting worldwide and ready to pay huge sacrifice for the sake of the country they believe in.

They will never believe, but just as the fake Buhari congratulated Ethiopia and Eritrea for their peace treaty, many African countries will one day congratulate Biafra and Nigeria (comprising of HausaFulani and Yoruba) for respecting the right to self determination.

It is a matter of time.

Article Written by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International

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