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Sunday 20 October 2019

The Destroyers Of Nigeria

The Destroyers Of Nigeria

Let me start by saying that there is nothing PDP did under Jonathan that APC has not done more than a double. APC used media to mobilize thousands of people to protest against Goodluck Jonathan. I saw them protest against increment of petrol price and subsidy removal. Today, same petrol is 145 Naira per litre, yet Nigerians are very much comfortable with it. The Labour Union has suddenly gone silent. No more protest from them.

APC was singing tunes about how Jonathan is a weakling, who can't fight Boko Haram. The pseudo-intellectuals said they needed a 'General' who can flush out Boko Haram within a twinkle of an eye. Today, the said General is still on seat, yet Boko Haram is flushing out Nigeria soldiers on a daily basis. Few days ago, a foreign news agency reported that Nigeria secretly buried 1000 soldiers killed by Boko Haram in mass graves. Even  Nigeria Senator, Ali Ndume recently stated that Boko Haram killed 847 Nigeria soldiers. At the rate Boko Haram is going, they are very much successful in wiping out the entire Nigeria soldiers. Thanks to the lies of APC. There is a particular family in Onitsha that lost their 24year old son to the Boko Haram onslaught against Nigeria soldiers. When the family couldn't reach him again on phone for weeks, they went to the Barracks demanding for an answer, yet no one attended to them. They later got the sad news from one top military man who broke the sad news to them. The same APC government is pampering, recruiting and rehabilitating the same Boko Haram terrorists that is killing and maiming their soldiers and civilians.

In a sane society, soldiers who died on duty are paid great respect. Their bodies are brought home in grand style and buried as heroes. Their families get official letter and their entitlement paid in full.
But in Nigeria, families of dead soldiers are never aware of the passing away of their loved ones, not to talk of compensation. They are completely shut out and denied their entitlement. That's why they keep burying them secretly in mass graves.

APC having destroyed the economy, have started extorting money from the masses through many thoughtless taxes they introduced. Nigerians pay for withdrawing money from ATM. They even pay for depositing their own monies. They have shut down the borders, while prizes of goods are skyrocketing with the speed of light. Upon all these, nobody is complaining.

The coming of APC has shown that PDP are babies compared to APC in terms of corruption. APC rose to power with the promise of fighting corruption. They are all corrupt people. Today, APC is corruption itself.

They have arrested journalists and imprisoned them. They have shot peaceful protesters and nothing happened. They killed hundreds of IPOB members and Shiite Muslim members. Under them, INEC has become the rigging machine of the executive.
They have harassed and intimidated judges. They removed the Nigeria Chief Judge and subsequently replaced him with a Sharia Judge and nothing happened. Same way they made only northerners and Muslims the head of all security apparatuses in the country.

Almost all Northerners  support them in everything they do. Same with Yoruba Muslims. They know that APC is corrupt and senseless, but they must support them. They see their support for APC as a religious injunction, that no one should rebuke or go against. It doesn't matter if they are being killed or starved by same APC.

The muteness of the people don't surprise me. Neither do their inability to protest against the tyranny of APC perturb me. I know that these things have to happen for Nigeria to be destroyed. Some people think that those that will destroy Nigeria are the people demanding for a separate state. No way! The destined destroyers are APC tyrants and brainless supporters who will never stop until they fling Nigeria into a chaotic situation that will mark the inglorious end to this this rotten edifice called Nigeria.

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

For Family Writers Press International.

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