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Sunday, 1 December 2019

BIAFRA: Exposing The Real Enemies Of The People

BIAFRA: Exposing The Real Enemies Of The People

Written by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
Family Writers Press International.

When some IPOB members used Senator Ike Ekweremadu to set a tough example for Nigeria politicians in Germany, over their ineptitude and atrocities against the people, it is Nigeria youths that came all out to defend the senator and his cohorts, calling IPOB all sorts of names. Some Ndi Igbo among them even tried to turn it into Abia vs Enugwu rivalry just to cause division among the people. That's even though those that gave Ekweremadu the baptism of fire identified themselves as Biafrans and IPOB adherents, and never a case of someone from Abia beating up another from Enugwu. When it suites them they use the Fulani division of Igbo land to cause trouble.

The Nigeria politicians keep raping the people in broad daylight. They keep stealing money, laundering it, paying themselves millions both in salaries and allowances. They travel abroad to treat ordinary malaria and use their highly corrupt security henchmen to flog and clear people from the wornout roads whenever they want to use it. Yet it is Nigeria youths that keep defending them.

This same Nigeria youths claiming intellectuals would be castigating IPOB and asking IPOB to tax its members so as to build free hospital for them. This intellectual wannabes didn't join or support IPOB, but they want IPOB to tax its members to build infrastructural facilities they should be demanding from their governors and senators. Something that is their fundamental right. They are not angry at the state governor doing practically nothing with the monthly allocation he is collecting from Abuja. They are not angry at the senator receiving millions of naira as salary and allowances and still embezzle billions of funds meant for constituency projects. Did I tell you that most of these intellectuals also blamed IPOB when they were gunned down by Nigeria security operatives? They said IPOB killed themselves for protesting against the government. 'I don't blame Buhari' they say. 'I blame IPOB for risking their lives and committing themselves'. 'I have no single pity for them', became the familiar chorus of the so called intellectuals.

These intellectuals hide under divergent views and political correctness to wreck havoc. They tactically side with the politicians and work to cripple the only opposition confronting this government. They make the people think the problem is just Buhari and the senior devils that surround him. Yet, it isn't Buhari that collects the monthly allocations for their states. It isn't Buhari that refused to pay workers salaries, neither is it Buhari that refused to develop the state. They are angry at Buhari, but love their state governors that isn't performing. The Federal roads in the South East are horrible. We know about the aged long marginalization of the East, but I wish to ask this question. Is it also the Federal government that is stopping the Eastern state governors from putting the local roads in the state to order?

This is the time for us to properly define whom the enemies of the people are. This is the time for us to shun FACEBOOK friendship, religious reverence and face these enemies head-on.

I want to use this time to inform you that your enemies isn't only Buhari, senators or the governors. Your enemies includes any man or woman supporting these evil politicians.

Any Bishop, pastor or priest praising any of these leaders or asking you to respect any of the wicked politicians is your enemy. Even those of them that have sworn to silence should also be seen as enemies of the people. You don't keep silent in the face of evil and still call yourself a man of God.

Anyone still standing for one Nigeria is an enemy of the people. They are supporters of the politicians. For as far as one Nigeria still exist, they are sure of sustaining their corrupt business venture.

Any man or woman acting as a Media aid to these governors, politicians and president is an enemy of the people. These men pretend to be doing their job, but believe me, sophistry isn't a job. They are the ones lying for the leaders, and because they are your friends on social media, you leave them to get away with the lies they tell on social media. Check the governors owing workers and pensioners for more than two years, they are not owing any of these media aids working for them against the people. If we must get it right, we must go confrontational against men and women working for these evil men. We must disregard our friendship and face these people that want us to live and die suffering. How much longer are we to  allow these people to continue elongating our suffering? We must attack their evil activities on social media. If you have a divergent view that we should join politics and vote, know it that attacking your own view and telling you that voting and PVC is useless is likewise my own divergent view. Can you now see it that those that accuse you of attacking them for having a divergent view are the ones being intolerant.

Take a look around you. Are mosquitoes not your companion? Do you know how much mosquitoes take from us monthly? Have you sit down to check how much you spend on malaria drugs? Have you checked how much you spend on fuel to give yourself electricity, both for your businesses and for pleasure? Yet still pay for electricity charges you never used or face disconnection. Do you know how much the bad roads take from you? The working hours it ruins, the constant automobile repairs, and so many others. Do you know how many Nigerians that die on a daily basis due to bad roads? Do you know how many that die because of ordinary treatment they should have gotten from hospital, but couldn't get it because of bad leadership and lack of efficient medical facilities? You need to go to the hospital to see what is going on there. Your politicians don't patronize any of these killing centers you call hospitals.

I am telling you that we are not angry enough. If we are, what is happening in Hong Kong would be a child's play to what is supposed to be happening here in Nigeria. If we are angry enough, no senator will ever dream of presenting a hate speech bill that seeks to hang Nigerians, in a country that bribery and wicked corruption doesn't attract life jail or death sentence.

We are conquered because we let their agents on Facebook be, just because we are maintaining a useless friendship. That's stupidity and hypocrisy if you ask me.

I am not writing to rescue or salvage Nigeria. Nigeria is unsalvageable. To help the people trapped in Nigeria, the world must understand that Nigeria must be disintegrated. She must cease to exist and allow units that can agree under one culture, language, religion and believe to chart a new beginning.

If you want to shut people like me up, it is simple. Start working truly for the people. Reduce those bogus salaries you enjoy. Give the people good schools, hospitals, housing, good roads and water. No amount of killing, jail and intimidation  can shut us up.

Until you do, it is our world against yours. And it won't take time before all of you are crippled. I know you won't believe, but time will shock you all.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International


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