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Monday 16 December 2019

Emeka Offor the stooge in Igbo Land (Phase 1)

Emeka Offor the stooge in Igbo Land (Phase 1)
Emeka Offor

Emeka Offor as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK) stated is a Northern stooge; he was and remains a slave of the fulani. Born in Kafanchan, kaduna Nigeria, you can begin to see why his natural allegiance is to the north., and why it's so natural for him to serve continuously as an arch-enemy of Ndi Igbo.

It’s not the first time he is going after our able Barrister, In July, 2008, Offor pounced on Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor of Umunakwa, Ifite, Oraifite. He used his Nigeria Police guards to arrest and detain Barr Ejiofor”s vigilante escorts over a private grievance.

Emeka Offor, whose real name is Wilson Orakwue Offor, adopted the name of his younger brother in the late 1980s in a desperate effort to escape from the long arms of the law after a series of heinous crimes.

Wilson Orakwue Offor, is no longer a knight of the Church. The Anglican Diocese of Nnewi in Anambra State, which had bestowed the title on him in the 1990s, has since

early this year stripped him of it.

Wilson Orakwue Offor, who grew up a tramp and a criminal, no kidding, he had earlier been rusticated from Abbot Boys Secondary School in Ihiala, Anambra State. As a result, he went to the Merchant of Light Secondary School at Oba in today’s Idemmili Local Government Area to write the West African School Certificate (WASC) exam, but immediately became notorious for stealing from the school’s store.

Wilson Orakwue “Emeka” Offor was imprisoned in Owerri, Imo State, in the 1980s for stealing from his employer, Julius Berger, the German construction giant. He was a truck driver with the firm. When he came out of the prison, he stole N200 from his kinsman and ran away to the northern part of the country. There, he acquired training and skills as a 419 master.

He started his exploits of the Nigeria Police with one Bob Ugochukwu, from Isingwu Unodu, Oraifite. Bob Ugochukwu is the son of one Ochonma. Emeka Offor squatted at Bob’s house for many years, in the early nineties (90s).

In the late 1990s, Wilson Orakwue “Emeka” Offor swindled a Romanian and an Italian oil company of so much money running into millions of dollars. At that time, he would visit Oraifite with so much money to throw around. He normally would throw money at Nkwo Edo market junction, with indigent and ignorant villagers scrambling for it.

He made so much that he then fantasized making his father, Benet Offor, the traditional ruler or Igwe of Oraifite but failed on account of the strong Oraifite tradition.

Wilson Orakwue “Emeka” Offor  strove to hijack the Oraifite Improvement Union. It started when Mr. R.A.N Okonkwo was the President General.

In the 1999 general elections in Nigeria, Mr. Emeka Offor officially began his Intimidation and unlawful arrest of Oraifite people, using Nigerian police as a compromised tool.

All the extrajudicial killings known in Oraifite history have been traced to Offor. 

Wilson Orakwue “Emeka” Offor beat up the Anambra State Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon H.C Nsofor, at St. Michaels polling station in Ezumeri quarters. During the commotion, Offor took away Okolie Malizu, Geoffrey Nwosu, Ejike Nwobu and some of the agents of the Alliance for Democracy at Unodu polling stations (Ukwu Ugolo, Obi Okpunu polling stations) and made away with 51 ballot boxes from Ekwusigo L.G.A.

Just like he did to Barrister Ejiofor, on January 1st, 2000, Offor came to Nkwo Edo Central School in Oraifite, with a team of mobile police men, to disrupt a football match between the Oraifite youths from the Nnewi and Onitsha branches of the town union.

Again like he did at Barrister Ejiofor’s house, his hired policemen shot sporadically and intermittently at the crowd, under the instruction of Offor.

On the 31st of January, 2004, he molested the Umuezopi, Ogbe youths under the guise of a so-called petition signed by Hon. Bim Efobi and Arinze Okoye a patent medicine seller. At that time, CSP Nwokolo was the Divisional Police Officer, a professional officer, at Ozubulu. Emeka Offor later worked to transfer CSP Nwokolo to Ayamelum, the remotest part of Anambra which is not yet developed because of the location and the riverine terrain. He then had his lapdog, Ezekiel Phillips, transferred to our area as the DPO. Mr. Ezekiel Phillips became a hatchet man, brutalizing innocent people, young and old. He arrested 16 members of Oraifite community, including, Mr. Goddy Madueke (Goman), Christian Okwumuo, Robinson Nwofor, Bernie Nwofor, Emeka Nwofor, Echezona Udeaja, Sunday (snake) Anizonwe, Rev. Samuel Efobi, Eberechi Emecheta, Chidi Ezulike, Godwin Uwaezuoke, Abraham C. Akwaeke, Bertrand Dikejiora, Emmanuel Ibezim, Samuel Orajekwe, and Okechukwu Orajekwe. Mr. Goddy Madueke was the President General of the Umuezopi community at that time.

In the same year, he arrested Mr. Anthony Anazodi, Mr. Christian Okwumuo, Mr. Okechukwu Ufoegbunam. He accused them of evoking the spirit of Haba which he claimed defeated him at the Nnewi Magistrate court. He lost that case against these persons, despite bringing his father, their driver named  Anasanbala, Victor Udeubaka, Sgt. Benson Godwin and ASP Bello as witnesses.

On August 26th, 2006, during Oraifite Afia Olu festival, Offor used dozens of Policemen to stop the Ezumeri community from partaking in the Afia Olu at St. Michael’s Primary School, Ezumeri. He stormed the school playground with dozens of armed policemen in an attempt to arrest Hon. Chief Chucks Muoma, (Ochiagha), a highly respected Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

In December 2006, Offor arranged to intimidate and beat up Oraifite’s Chief priest, Nwanonenyi Malizu, in his residence at night. The chief priest was attacked because he refused to recant his prayers the priest and those of Ezumeri people at Ngele.  The chief priest, an old man, died after that incident, and the whole matter was swept under the carpet by Offor’s police friends.

To be Continued

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