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Monday 16 December 2019

Emeka Offor the stooge in Igbo Land (Phase 2)

Emeka Offor the stooge in Igbo Land (Phase 2)


On December 31st, 2010, Offor went on a rampage, accompanied by from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) led by  Mr James Nwafor, a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP). Fifty six (56) youths from all the quarters of Oraifite were arrested. They accused them of drinking late into the night and smoking Indian hemp. The youths arrested included Ifeoma Nwonwu from Irefi, Agu Otuokpa Onwuagba from Irefi, Onyebuchi Nzelu from Umuezopi, Ebuka Okonkwo from Umuezopi, Urelu Chukwudi from Ezumeri, Edwin Mba from Ezumeri, Ibe Ejimkonye from Ezumeri, Benji Onyemaibeya from Awor, Emeka Ugoebenaja from Awor and many others from Ibolo and Ifite.

On the night of 29th October, 2012, Offor and his SARS boys led by CSP Nwafor and Sunday Orokpe combed Oraifite Town. They arrested Ik Nwandu, Chiedu Ugochukwu, Obinna Etoniru, and Chigozie (Biggie) Agina. These men all died in the hands of the Nigeria Police.

On December 15th, 2012, he arrested  and intimidated members of Ayaka and Ogbanje Masquerade groups for no just cause. He simply branded them cultists. He used the Nigeria Police to arrest Ugochukwu Nnajiofor, Okechukwu Izuchukwu, Samuel Obi, Chiedu Okafor etc. If not for the gallant effort of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in nearby Nnewi, all of them would have died in detention.

On the 26th of October, 2014, at about 8pm, Emeka Offor and his SARS boys, led by James Nwafor and Sunday Orokpe, arrested 22 youths at a beer parlor at Nkwo Edo, after the youth election. Those arrested were the youths in opposition to the incumbent president. They were arrested in the night. They stormed the house of Jack Demo and arrested his son, Benji Onyemaibe. They also went to the house of Chibueze Nwandu, where they looted his property, including motor bikes. They went to the house of Hon Christian Okwumuo whom Offor had earlier vowed to kill, because he challenged him during the 1999 elections. Emeka and his SARS have arrested Okechukwu Izuchukwu, Ifeanyi Oraelosi, Chuka Oraelosi, Benji Onyemaibeya, Obinna Obi (Powder), Uchechukwu Akanma etc. Among the innocent people he had arrested using the police as his tool is Comrade Bonny Okonkwo, Mr. Eugene Nworah, Nwabunike Obi, Ifeanyi Igboanuzue and many others.

Whenever the police planned to arrest anyone, they will first of all, go to Wilson Orakwue’s house for briefing. The police will also report to his house, after their arrests.

His knighthood was stripped away because he was found unworthy to be regarded as a worthy member of the Anglican Communion. Among his numerous offences is Offor’s multiple marriage. On January 3, 2014, he publicly married a University of Nigeria dropout in her early 20s named Adaora from his hometown of Oraifite in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State at a ceremony where P-Square and Flavour, among other top musicians played. The marriage was his 4th.

By 1980, Emeka Offor, the controversial Nigerian government contractor and a prominent member of the defeated Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was worse than as poor as a church rat.

Imagine that this man Wilson Orakwue "Emeka" Offor blocked the progress of Ndi Igbo. Geometric Power, a company owned by former Minister of Power, Bart Nnaji, has sued Mr. Offor for blocking the takeoff of an Independent Power Plant (IPP) built by Mr. Nnaji’s firm in Aba, the commercial heartland of southeastern Nigeria.

Kastech (eminently controversial company in the gas sector) , is owned by Sir Emeka Offor, founder of the Chrome Group, the self-styled godfather of Anambra State politics. Offor, floated Kastech to win more government contracts without the public knowing that it belongs to him; preventing the public from knowing became imperative after the odium that trailed—and still trails—the multimillion dollar contract for the Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) of both the 60 000 barrels per day Old Port Harcourt Refinery commissioned in 1965 and the 150 000 bpd New Port Harcourt Refinery and Petrochemicals Company commissioned in 1989. Investigations into this mess revealed that Orakwe Offor's ANCHOFF Strongholds was unjustifiably paid three billion naira.  This was during the Abacha regime, his company obtained the contract for the turn-around maintenance of some of the country’s refineries, but the refineries were never resuscitated.

Offor became the first Blackman to be awarded an oil refinery TAM contract in Nigeria, he was A MERE CLEARING AND FORWARDING AGENT in Warri, Delta State, a job he began when he left Julius Berger as an earth moving equipment operator! ANCHOFF Strongholds had just been incorporated hurriedly for the TAM job. There was no bidding of any sort. Some characters in the NNPC leadership and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources conspired to give Offor the hefty job.

Worse is that in spite of the abandonment of the TAM job at the WRPC Ltd and the blacklisting of Offor's company, as recommended by the Aret panel, Offor went on to win a much bigger contract, that is, the contract to carry out TAM on both the old and new Port Harcourt refineries at Eleme, Rivers State. This deal cost the nation over $100m. The refineries were never fixed. The result has been the massive importation of petroleum products into Nigeria on an unprecedented scale—up to this day.

Offor with his ill gotten wealth acquired when it was known as Orient Bank with the headquarters in Enugu. With his tremendous financial power derived from the refinery TAM contracts and acquisition of AFEX Bank, Offor moved into Sao Tome and Principe where he has become about the biggest oil player. He even decides who becomes the leader of this tiny island nation with plenty of hydrocarbon deposits.

With the help of PDP stallworths, Offor's Chrome was paid N8b for the Yola-Bauch transmission line over and above Pivot Engineering which bidded for the electricity job for N6b. As well as the contract for the construction of the Gombe/Yola/Jalingo transmission line to Chrome. Like the first electricity contract, both of these were abandoned and never executed. When questioned about this by The House of Representatives Committee on Power and The Senate Committee, he publicly blasted the members and told them in the presence of the press “no one can blackmail me!”. He walked out on them right there in the Senate. That's the end of the matter.

Obasanjo government gave to Offor's Environmental Remedial Holding Company (ERHC) highly prolific oil blocks in both Nigeria and Sao Tome and Principe for ALMOST FREE; both countries own and operate the Nigeria-Sao Tome Principe Joint Development Zone. The generous awards caused an uproar in the international scene. Readers may wish to read up the international reaction to these awards by searching the Internet through Google or Yahoo or any search engine. The Emeka Offor story as regards government contracts in Nigeria is a saga, an epic.

FYI, Kastech, which is angling for a $5b contract from the NNPC for the construction of gas pipelines from Ajaokuta to Kaduna and Kano, is another name for Chrome. Kastech has already won two major gas contracts from the PDP government. The first was in 2008 when it was assigned the construction of the 107 kilometre by 24inches gas pipeline which runs from Adanga Addax Platform to Calabar. The contract value is $156m.

The second contract is for the integrity assessment and rehabilitation of the Oben-Sapele Gas Pipeline and the upgrade and extension of the existing gas metering facilities. The contract sum is $26.4m plus N1.1b. Neither Offor nor his paper based companies have the requisite knowledge or capacity to execute: no yard or even mere trucks to execute the jobs.

To be Continued

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