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Monday 20 January 2020

A Prophecy That Supports Injustice, Has No Place In A Sane Society

A Prophecy That Supports Injustice, Has No Place In A Sane Society
Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka and Buhari

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

I didn't just accuse Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, I am certain he is a tool in the hands of the oppressors. He is working for APC, glaringly, it didn't start today.

I will continue to say the obvious. You do not need to believe it, but one day you will, definitely. Mbaka was aware of what APC was trying to do and had to do the dirty job for APC in the name of "prophecy". I know how difficult it is for our people to think straight when religion is involved. The politicians knows too, exactly why they now use men of "God" to do their dirty job.

Challenging men of "God" today makes people see you as a candidate for hell, but that hell I know is only in their ignorant imagination. You don't go to hell because you told a priest the truth. Even the good book said that "always tell truth to power".

Rev Father Mbaka did not just say that he saw Hope become a Governor. He went further to tell Ndi Imo that that's what is good for them. Using the APC politicians name, he said that Imo will have Hope again. He said that Hope will bring smiles to the people again. That Ndi Imo have suffered. This joke is not a prophecy. This is a ploy by the APC, using father mbaka to force the gullible majority of Ndi Imo to accept the injustice about to happen.

The obvious reaction of the people will look like this; the people will say it is the work of God. It is what God wants. Remember that there is a promise of better days by the man of God. After all what we want is a better society. If Hope can deliver so be it. Ihedioha should not fight what God have destined and spoke through his prophet Rev fr Mbaka.
The thing even affected Gov Ihedioha that he had to say "what happened to me happened because God permitted it. If God didn't permit it, it wouldn't have happened". He said. That's him being affected by the religious card being played by APC through Fr Mbaka.

Had it been it is a vision from God, it won't include speaking about Hope bringing smile to Imo state. And even if Hope goes on to perform, it doesn't make this fraud of a prophecy a message from God.

The same father Mbaka told us about a Messiah that dwells in Mohammadu Buhari. Today, thousands have died. Many businesses lost and millions lost their jobs. Increasing destitutes and out of school children in the country. You might say that he said Buhari will win and he won. Yet we all knew how he won.

If you say that God announced to Fr Mbaka that Hope Uzodimma will win and bring hope to Ndi Igbo, then you are indirectly telling me that your God is a God of injustice, a master rigger and a commander of irregularities. Every man of a sincere heart knows that Imo state rejected APC. Everybody knows that Imo state went for Ihedioha. We all saw the injustice that was the supreme court judgment. So tell me how is God with Hope Uzodimma as Fr Mbaka want us to understand. My God is not a God that rig election. My God doesn't align with people that dwells in injustice.

Saying these things is not easy. But somebody has to say them.

All through the days Mohammadu Buhari was misbehaving. Destroying the economy, aiding the herdsmen to keep killing people. Perfecting his ethnic profiling, and giving sensitive appointment only to his Fulani brothers, the fiery Father Mbaka who never stopped telling us how Jonathan is killing Nigerians maintained absolute silence, and you are still there defending him. Maybe because he is a priest.

I can say that APC/Mbaka pranks worked. But I won't fail to inform them that people like me didn't fall for their games. We knew exactly what they did.

If only Ndi Imo will call a spade by it's name and speak truth to power, it won't take long until the Caliphate install an Emir in Imo state.

Edited by Ebere Okolie,
For Family Writers Press International

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