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Wednesday 1 January 2020


Family Writers Press Crew 

In our contemporary world where civilization is on a supersonic speed with it's associated problems vis-a-vis the intricacies of man, it is ultimately important that humanity get adequately updated on regular basis, about developments that touch on the very fabrics of it's existence, locations nonetheless. The Nigerian society for instance, even in this 21st century, oftentimes have to grapple with feebles and deceits as if the inhabitants therein exist in another planet away from the rest of mankind. There exists a cacophony of evil conspicuously outweighing the good as steadily being orchestrated against the helpless and the downtrodden by opportunists who find themselves within the corridors of power. The message compromisingly get toxicated and the messengers, either due to frivolous interests, threats of arrest/death or all, end up becoming robotics and treacherous errand slaves to despots.


Message simply defined within the context of this write-up, means passing of information or news about something. It is therefore expected that the right and accurate information/news is regularly and conscientiously communicated to the targeted person or audience. The information must not be tainted, concocted or disjointed in the bid to service/massage the parochial interest of anybody or group of persons at the detriment of the people, whether locally, nationally or internationally. The message delivered, must clearly convey the exact realities on ground.


The messenger, briefly put, is that individual that has the responsibility of passing the message/information/news of whatever development, whether palatable or not, to the people (general public). Such an individual or group of persons carry out the obligated mandate of clinically executing this function with a touch of urgency and realism, without bias or distrust.

Unfortunately however, most of these "messengers" have got themselves enmeshed in corruption, covenanting themselves with the messengers of death, destruction and evil. They get cowed or hypnotized, dishing out poisons in the name of information to the unsuspecting. These messengers herein discussed, are supposedly meant to be the fourth members of the realm in a civilised democracy. They are called journalists. They function either as professional writers, reporters/correspondents, editors, analysts or publishers. They are trained strictly according to the tenets of the media profession that eventually carry out their duties locally, nationally or internationally either in private/public, print or electronic media establishments.

This noble profession which ought to consistently serve as opinion molder, vanguard of truth and a dependable companion of the people, has in this part of the world, very disappointedly, been bastardized through monetary inducements, selfish interests and threats to their lives by tyrants and vampires. The general public have therefore helplessly been beguiled and confined as recipients of junks and falsehood. In a country like Nigeria where Islamic radicalism/terrorism, extra-judicial killing, indiscriminate abduction/incarceration, extortion, deception, victimization, nepotism, marginalization, slavery and injustice hold sway, the messengers (journalists) who were professionally trained as truth-bearers, are mandatorily expected to communicate or publish the truth no matter whose ox is gored. But never! Most of them have shamelessly been compromised by desperate money-bags, cabals and political misfits.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Okwu-Kanu, has in it's kitty, crack and very refined teams of resilient and vibrantly courageous media practitioners spread across the entire Biafraland, Nigeria and of course, the larger global community amongst which is the Family Writers Press International. This is a formidable social media outlet, that is relentlessly detailing the world on daily basis, with happenings especially as it pertains to Biafrans, amongst others. This IPOB media organization is a robust outlet running with the slogan: "Giving Voice to the Voiceless". This has remained a very concise, covenanted and resonating watchword which both the management and staff can never ever trade with, in the IPOB onerous task of contending for the truth, justice and freedom of the Biafran people forcefully caged in the Nigerian contraption.

There is absolutely no alternative, no matter whatever it takes in this all important task of standing for the truth at all times, the horrific situations/environments notwithstanding. We can never ever mutate in this mandate of service to our God and our people. Biafrans in particular and the global community in general have inalienable rights to untainted information and this, all media outlets that worth their establishments, irrefutably owe the society at all times.

Welcome to the Year 2020!

Peter Oshagwu
Editor-in-Chief, Family Writers Press International

1 comment

  1. IPOB Media - Radio, TV, Journalists, Writers, etc. are the best thing ever. Without you and the information you powerfully and courageously dish out, we Biafrans will not be where we are today. May Chukwu Okike Abiama bless and keep You until the holy nation of Biafra is restored. You are a blessing to Biafrans worldwide. Happy New Year 2020.


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