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Sunday 23 February 2020

Nigeria: 'Are There No Christian Churches In The North' ?

Nigeria: 'Are There No Christian Churches In The North' ?

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

One thing that happens to a voice of reality in Nigeria is that when you speak, foreigners that see other nations through the eyes of their own nation will judge you wrongly. Some myopic people will simply say you are propagating hate speech and encouraging division. That's when the government is dishing out hate actions on per seconds billing.

But we know that normal things outside Nigeria is completely abnormal in Nigeria. In abroad, terrorists are killed or imprisoned for life. In Nigeria they are paid, rehabilitated and even recruited into the Army and police. We heard them say a repentant Boko Haram terrorist can become Nigeria President. We all saw their move to legalize it through their introduction of a bill for the creation of agency for repentant Boko Haram in the Senate.

Ignorant and myopic people will tell you to stop breeding hate when you say Nigeria should divide.

My post about the Mosque in Enugu state exposed lots of Ndi Igbo and how myopic they reason. Many were asking if Churches are not in Northern Nigeria, why won't a Mosque be in Enugu. When you look at this question, it sounds very okay. But to the people that are aware, they know such question and comparison can only come from a deeply ignorant fellow. Yes, there are mosques in Germany, USA and even Israel, but we must understand that these places are sovereign nations that can control whatever that happens in their domain. But we can't say same in Ala Igbo, We are living in a country ruled by religious fundamentalists who have as their goal to dip the Koran into the Atlantic ocean. Buhari himself has declared publicly, his resolve to introduce Sharia to the whole nation.
So we are suspicious of every move they make, from cattle colony to RUGA, all was to penetrate us and introduce their presence. Ruga would have been a smooth cool approach that would have made them indigenes of every state in Nigeria, but they failed. Now they are using other means, including force and killing.

The Islamization and Fulanization of Nigeria is no more a rumor. It is now open to everybody. Fulani herdsmen wage war, they attack Christian communities, killing and destroying their farmlands. The government supports and protects them. Boko Haram is busy attacking Christian communities in the North, beheading pastors and killing seminarians, yet the government pampers them.

Why are our people sleeping? Why? What is all this? Who told you we don't know that freedom of religion is every man's right? Is there freedom of religion in the North? Aren't they a Sharia States with their religious police? How many churches are still standing in the North? Do you know how many that were bombed by Boko Haram?  Didn't Kaduna Governor bring down churches? Who are the people killing and bombing people as suicide bombers?

Knowledge of history is essential. Do you know how North Africa became Muslims? Do you know the story behind Turkey? What of Lebanon of yesterday? Gradually, the Muslim community grew, with great funding from Islamic nations. When they have grown, they subdue the people and forcefully convert everybody. Those that refuse are taxed heavily in their own land.

Ignorance is our greatest undoing. Do you know that Hausa people were mainly animists prior to the Jihad (Terrorism) of Uthman Dan Fodio? In disguise of fighting corruption, the Fulani overthrew the Ruling Hausa landlords. They even got Hausa peasants to fight for them. It later turned out to be a political overthrow. No Hausa man was made leader. They all were dethroned. And today, all over core North, a Fulani Emir rules. The Hausa became slaves in their own lands.

Go to Kaduna today, the present Governor has enthroned Emirs for Christian Communities. Within some years, they will subdue everybody. Before you get admission, join the army or get Federal job, you will be required to get letter from the Emir. With that, you are forcefully subjected to the Emir as a Christian.

In 2015, a certain Muhammadu Buhari came and claimed that he will fight corruption. Same method they used against the Hausas in 1804, they also used in 2015 and clinched to power.

Tell me the corruption this guys have fought. Has corruption not multiplied? Are they not corruption themselves? Who removed Gov Ihedioha the peoples's mandate using Supreme Court, if not the same Fulani people that promised you all that they will fight corruption?

It was all about Islamization, but you were too blind to see it. You all were claiming educated and sophisticated, Not knowing that you all are actually pseudo-intellectuals. You think these people think like you. While you build Churches and promote peace, they build mosques and use it to radicalize people. They are ready to spend huge amount of money to achieve their mission. Become a Muslim and they will make you. Is that not why they control Nigeria resources. You still speak of their conquest of Hausa land, but you don't know they are already conquering you.

Why is it that they still promote Alimajiri in the North? Were do they get all these suicide bombers they use, to the extent that a woman carrying a little baby detonated her bomb, killing herself, the baby and many other people. Why do you think the border is porous in the North?

Why is it that some Ndi Igbo can't think beyond their emotions? Why?

I am very much tolerant. I respect people's religion, yet I won't stop saying it exactly the way it is in Nigeria. I know about the liberal Muslims, yet I know that the extremists are also among them. In Nigeria, it is not about growing the economy and thinking about how to make the nation move forward. It is how to make the entire nation a Muslim nation. When Nigeria become Islamized, the entire West Africa and the whole Africa will become the hub of Islam. That is a plan that started more than 200 years ago.

But unfortunately, some Ndi Igbo are still asking if there is no Church in the North.

Elochukwu Ohagi, is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba,
For Family Writers Press International.

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