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Thursday 6 February 2020

Papa And Mama Okwu-Kanu Are Not Dead!

Papa And Mama Okwu-Kanu Are Not Dead!

Do not think of them as not being physically here with us,
their journey has just begun.
Life holds so countless facades,
this world is only one and it goes.
I know that no matter what, you will always be with us.
When life seperates us, I know it is only your spirit that directs.

Just think of them as quiet, inactive and resting from the sorrows and tears of Biafrans, in place of kindness and calmness,
where there are no days and years.
I cannot say and I will not say
that they are dead,
they are just away.
With a cheerful smile and a wave of hand, they have wandered into the land of the unknown.

Think about how they would be wishing that we could know today,
how nothing but Biafra sadness will soon pass away,
and then comes an endless joy.

And think of them as living with us in the hearts of those they touched,
for nothing loved is ever lost and they were so much loved.

Think of them faring on as dear ones,
in love there, as in here.
Think of them still the same way, I say; they are not dead, they just went away.
When the sun shines through our window and stares at us,
we will feel the warmth of your love and care.
When I hear the rains beat against my window still,
I will hear your words of wisdom and courage.

And will remember what you thought us that without rain, trees cannot grow.
Without rain, flowers cannot bloom,
without life's challenges, we cannot grow strong.

And without the hatred of Nigeria and the British,
we cannot cherish and love Biafra when it comes.
When we look out to the sea,
we will think of your endless love for IPOB.

When a butterfly brushes gently by me,
so care freely,
we will know it is you assuring all the IPOBs.
We are free from the pain and hatred of Nigeria.
We are gently moving to our destination.

When the gentle fragrance of a flower catches our attention,
we will know it is you reminding us to appreciate the simple things in life.
And how we have suffered to live.

When I think of the hills and the mountains,
their majesty and magnificence,
I think of your courage and bravery for your country Biafra and IPOB.

No matter where we are,
your spirits will be closely beside us.
To guide and support us, on our day to day activities.

For I know that no matter what,
you will always be with us.
Just saying goodbye to your body as mortals,
but your spirits live on and will always be with us.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere N.
For Family Writers Press International

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