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Tuesday 10 March 2020

Africa: "Christianity in Nigeria has just less than fifteen years of existence"

Africa: "Christianity in Nigeria has just less than fifteen years of existence"
St Rita’s Catholic Church in Kaduna, north-central Nigeria, after a suicide bomb attack

What a heart wrenching, provocative and sorrowful scenario, watching through a video documentation of a church building in Plateau State, razed to the ground by fire lit on it by Fulani Islamists. Kneeling down in the midst of the rubbles was a pastor in tears, publicly crying out his heart, with the ashes of the burnt building poured on his head amidst grievous supplication. That visual clip has earlier been shared on my timeline.

I was personally touched by his situation just like same pains I share with other Christian victims of Nigeria that have equally suffered the effects of Islamic terrorism in the country. It is quite clear that if the entire Nigerian Christian community does not courageously come together to effect defensive block against this wave of death targeted against them just like what happened in Central African Republic when the same Fulanis visited them with their vamparic onslaught, the killings/destruction will worsen and snowball into full blown genocide across board.

I have in fact repeatedly stated here that "Christianity in Nigeria has just less than fifteen years of existence if things continue the way they are". Take it or leave it, you will one day come to terms with this realty. It should be clearly understood that Muslims (Islamists) do not relent nor give up in their jihadi drive so easily until they are brutally confronted.

In Central African Republic (CAR) for instance, Francois Bozize, a former army officer, forcefully took over power in that country in 2003. He ruled with an iron fist just as expected in a shitholic enclave in the African continent where a military dictator is in charge. At about the year 2013, things dramatically took an entirely different shape as the Fulani Islamists rallied against everyone in that country including the Christian majority and even Bozize himself who was adjudged a corrupt tyrant by all. Rebellion ensued and later that same year, the "powerful" military dictator, Francois Bozize fled the country to take refuge in Cameroon.

After his successful ousting, the Fulanis true to their nature fully exhibited their colours. They did not in any way contemplate sharing power with anyone outside themselves, not even with the Christian majority who assisted in dethroning the exiled military despot, Bozize. Instead, they embarked on a campaign of terror against the Christians in other to seriously depopulate and permanently/violently consign them to silence. It is just the same evil tactics they are trying so hard to adopt in Nigeria.

However and encouraging too, the Christians in the Central African Republic were able to realize themselves and the inherent danger associated with the agenda of the Fulani Islamists in their country. They decided to strongly fight back than wait to be exterminated. The pastors, reverend fathers, amongst other Christians, rallied round and ordered for the importation of various degrees of arms and ammunition from France, Brazil and South Africa. They fought their way back frontally against these jihadists with even more ferocity than imagined. The marauders were sacked, their settlements/communities were destroyed and mosques were completely razed down.

The Islamistists after this decisive action were all forced to flee into the forests, with quite a number of them including babies, children, mothers, men and the elderly, killed. It was after this, that they started searching for peace. The International community never waded into the matter until all these happened. The United Nations came in, calling for a ceasefire which was agreed on, premised on the basis that the Christian majority will be in control of power.
Presently in that country, leadership is under a President and a Prime Minister who are both Christians.  At intervals, Christian militias carry out visits to the Fulanis who are now confined only to the Northern part of that country with dosages of the only "medicine" their system agrees to.

If Nigerian Christians are yet thinking that the Fulani killer herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorism will be limited only to the Northern region, they are grossly mistaking. These people can hardly let go until commensurate measure of brutal force is carried out against them.

They are presently coming down south in their droves. Communities in Delta State and very recently in Okigwe, Imo State, Biafraland, are already getting their own dosages from these Islamic killers. Uzo-Uwani in Enugu and Izzi in Ebonyi States respectively, are equally not spared from the activities of these Islamic janjaweeds. These attacks will definitely not stop until all join hands with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to mobilize and decisively deal with these vampires.

As Christians converge in their different worship locations to pray for "a peaceful Nigeria", they should equally remember that God Almighty will never do for man, what man has been detailed to do for himself.

Written by Ike Chukwu Onyeji
Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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