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Sunday 21 June 2020

Biafra: What Will Save Endangered Christians In Nigeria

Biafra: What Will Save Endangered Christians In Nigeria

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

Priests and Pastors in Nigeria are the greatest advocate of peace. Every Sunday, they are seen speaking into the minds of their faithfuls, urging them to embrace peace and pray to God Almighty for him to restore peace to Nigeria. They ask their congregation to know that as Christians, what they owe to their leaders is prayers.

This have made the people the puppets of the politicians, as the people keep praying for God to come down and change the mindset of the politicians, so that they will stop looting and start providing infrastructure for the people. However, the more they pray, the more the politicians keep looting them dry. The hospitals in Nigeria are nothing short of slaughter houses. There is absolutely no infrastructural facility for the people. The people don't even know that it is the duty of the government to provide housing for them. The teachings from the men of God seem to have cowed the people into accepting virtually every abuse, neglect and ineptitude from the government.

The Christian faith abhors violence; hence the priests and pastors have made sure the people are so peaceful. I am a Christian and I am peaceful too; but are we to become too peaceful not to rise up in defense of our lives?

We saw the Islamic extremists behead Adamawa CAN President. We saw how a pastor and his wife were killed in one of the northern states as they were tending to their farms. We saw this same Islamic extremists kill two Catholic priests celebrating Holy Mass in Benue, together with other 17 congregation. We saw them shoot and kill a Catholic priest in Enugu state.

What of the woman-pastor killed in Abuja by these Islamists just for preaching the gospel? Not excluding the seminarian from Uga , Anambra State killed in Kaduna state. Many attacks in many towns and villages. Islamic Fulani Herdsmen went to Agatu in Benue state and killed over 300 people in one night.

Where is the peace you have been praying for? Yes, I believe in prayers, yet I don't think we should only pray and do nothing.

This is the time for pastors and priests in Biafra Land to stop standing with the government and for once stand with the people and for the people. The government have proven to be the enablers of corruption. They are in support of the activities of the Islamists. If you doubt me, then you tell me how many Islamic Fulani herdsmen are presently under arrest in Nigeria? How come a community will be attacked for hours by herdsmen without the security operatives coming to the rescue? Are you not seeing them pay captured Boko Haram terrorists and recruit them into the military. Didn't you hear them say that a repentant Boko Haram member can become the president of Nigeria?

What peace are you still preaching? Is it when they kill us all that you will understand that you have to tell people to start doing something? Do you think an attack on your congregation will leave you alive? Can't you see what is happening?

Without revolution, nothing will change. Without the people rising up, the politicians will never stop. Prayers without work is dead. Why then do you forget that the people should not just pray without doing something? Martin Luther King was a priest. He prayed and as well did something. We need our pastors and priests at this moment. Enough of the silence.

The era of telling the people to go get their PVC and vote is long gone. The Federal government of Nigeria doesn't care again if voters refuses to vote for their anointed candidate or not. They will just rig their political puppet into office, and when they can't, there is the supreme Court that will do it for them.


There is no amount of prayers that will keep people that believe in killing and destruction at peace with those who don't have such ideology. Relevant positions steering the affairs of Nigeria are occupied by 98% Muslims, including different security agencies which are equally headed by Muslims. Not forgetting that in Islam, Christians are seen as infidels. And according to the teaching of Islam, infidels are always meant to be killed.

This is exactly why we are demanding for Biafra. We want a situation where we can protect ourselves from annihilation from those that doesn't believe in religious freedom.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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