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Saturday 25 July 2020

Africa Is Not Under The Control Of Africans

Africa Is Not Under The Control Of Africans

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

Gaddafi was killed for a reason. He tried to hand over Africa back to African people. Apart from the pre colonial days, Africans have never been in charge of Africa. Africa is seen by the imperialists as a field of raw materials for Europeans and Americans; therefore its inhabitants must be manipulated in order to continue keeping Africa down. They must not take charge over themselves.

Before you come with that gospel of blaming Europeans for Africa's problems, I want you to understand that your leaders are in this game with them. They are their puppets. It is a systematic slavery. Yes, slavery is still on. Africa is a giant slave camp. Our leaders safeguard the camp for their Western masters.

Africa needs to be in war. Africa needs to be ruled by corrupt leaders for the imperialists to continue keeping Africa down. The stunted growth of Africa  benefits the Europeans. When you are not progressing, when you are at war with yourselves and refuse to pave way for democracy, you will hand over your resources to the Europeans. Africa is blessed with abundance of natural resources, and Europeans need these natural resources. They could have wiped off Africans if it is possible, but there are still ways to use Africans to kill themselves. That is why good leaders get driven out or killed in Africa, while the corrupt ones who are ready to play the dirty game are protected by the Europeans and powerful governments around the globe.

Africa is rich in natural resources, yet inhabits the poorest of people on earth. Have you ever thought of that? Crude oil was discovered in Nigeria in the 50s, yet Nigeria is currently the poverty capital of the world, with rotten environment that is almost beyond redemption. No good road, no good hospitals, no pipe borne water, no housing. The government does absolutely nothing for the people. They rather steal from the people using taxes and banks, while looting the country's resources dry.
On the other hand, Dubai discovered same oil and used it to build a modern nation. They have super cities and best hospitals. Their leaders think about their interests and the future of their own people.

Some Africans have said religion is the problem of Africa. African people will defend their God and kill their fellow African because of their God. Limbs are cut simply because someone spoke against their God. Africans are brainwashed into believing that  it is better they enjoy wealth in heaven and live pyshically poor on earth. They are prepared to endure poverty with the hope of eternal life after. They even encourage poverty and see the failures of the government as punishment from God for their numerous sins. Don't the Europeans also commit sins? If yes, why then are they progressing? Religion is weaponized in Africa. Ignorance is bliss. Hungry Africans  rise to defend their Pastors and Priests who feed fat on them, fly private jets, neglect the poor, and live flamboyant lifestyles.

Religion is there in America, Europe and Asia. Saudi Arabia and Dubai are core Muslim countries, yet they are beautiful and progressive. Why then is Nigeria and Africa this backward? Ignorance led to the weaponization of religion in Africa.

The Americans and Europeans shout that Africa is fantastically corrupt, but they too supports African leaders who are corrupt. Britain rigged the first election ever conducted in Nigeria in favor of the uneducated Fulani. They have maintained it in such a way that the Fulani would always be in charge of Nigeria. It is a direct access which the British government gave itself for the purpose of controlling and benefiting from  Nigeria's resources.

In Cameroon, a corrupt dictator have been in charge of the country for three decades, ably supported by France. They are at war with Ambazonia.  Sometime ago in Ivory Coast, Mr Gbagbo became a victim of a French plot. France is so powerful that they can rig out any president with the interest of their people at heart. Of course, the interest of Africans must stand against that of the Europeans.

They give Africa aides upon aides, monies looted from Africa through the corrupt African leaders. In fact, they give with the knowledge that the rogues they support in power in Africa will surely loot the entire money and stock it back in European Banks.

In 2015, Britain supported the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria president. Prior to 2015 polls, Buhari is a certificateless  old soldier, who cannot comprehend questions thrown at him using English language, not to talk of having the mental capacity to lead a country. But Britain supported him against a more educated and mentally refined Goodluck Jonathan, and succeeded in making him president. Today, Nigeria's economy that was once the fastest growing economy in Africa has crashed completely. Businesses have collapsed, and investors keep exiting the country in droves. The British interest is to control Nigeria, be in charge of the oil using the Fulani minority tribe as proxy.

Getting Nigeria working is against the interest of Britain. A little time Nigeria was left in the hands of a Biafran saw Britain losing their grip on Nigeria. Indigenous technocrats were all invited home to take the lead, but Britain fought to sack the president that made that possible.

Just like Thomas Sankara was stopped, so was Biafra's sovereignty truncated in 1967/70. Biafra is a nation the European colonial powers do not want. And that has never changed. That is why they are supporting every move made by the Fulani against Biafrans. Only few foreign media coverage about the killings of Christians in Nigeria by the Fulani herdsmen.

Biafrans must fight harder to restore the sovereign nation called Biafra. A country called Biafra, will not only favor Biafrans. It will favor the entire Africa. Biafra, just like in 1967 will bring to the front line the ingenuity of the black man. Biafra will hand the control of Africa into the hands of Africans.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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