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Thursday 16 July 2020

Open Letter To The Factional Leader Of Ohaneze Ndigbo

Open Letter To The Factional Leader Of Ohaneze Ndigbo

Dear sir,

Needles congratulating you really for it is said that when sleep becomes sweet, snoring commences. Congratulation hinges on successful/beneficial dividends the people are enjoying. Such a time is coming.

Just as John the Baptist sent forth his disciples to go and inquire from the Lord Jesus Christ, if truly he was the Messiah in the Holy book of Matthew 11:2-3; "Meanwhile, John heard in prison about the works of Christ, and he sent two of his disciples to ask Him, "Are you the One who is to come or should we look for another?

So Ohaneze Ndigbo factional President, are you the one or should we continue waiting? We hear it every passing day in multiple variants and interactions from different orators, that Igbos indeed are going through difficult times. Hope you know sir? And all this time I have been thinking our “new normal” was… well, normal.

Igbos have terribly suffered a lot over the years, from men who represented themselves and their immediate families instead of the people. There is something to that though and it is something that needs being paid attention to. Igbos are not of the contraption called Nigeria. Clearly, the Igbos are not set up for times like these in relationship with this evil entity and so, all of us are finding our patience, tolerance and fear stretched to and sometimes past the elastic and breaking point.  It is hard on all of us and for very different reasons, depending on our individual circumstances. Whatever our personal struggles may be though, there are some universal truths we should endeavor to keep in mind that we are Igbos. We are not a thing of regrets.

We have had different Ohaneze Ndigbos with so many betrayal kisses of Judas Iscariot. We have endured so many humiliation from evil men, who are parading themselves as Igbo elders. Instead of selflessly representing the interest of their own people, they prefer to put on the Igboist as a bandage to be removed anytime. They prefer living and dinning with Abuja politicians cum Fulani janjaweeds than their own people at home. They join party politics with Igbo aspirations but work with enemies who would kill Igbos and burn their shops. They condemn Igbo youths but sing praises to those who rape their women/daughters and kill them.

You should also know that Igbos are not after Nigerian politics. So, you should take  your mind away from or how an Igbo person will become Nigeria's President. Now that Ohaneze is factionalized, I hope your own group will work for Igbos and her youths, distinctly separating party politics from Igbo culture and aspiration. It must be working on the Igbos to work for Igbos. The Igbos are known for their respect for elders who perform well. Our respect is assured if you work for the alleviation  of the sufferings of Igbo people.

Kindness has not been canceled in Igboland.

Compassion has not been canceled.

Friendliness has not been canceled.

Joy and smiling have not been canceled.

Understanding has not been canceled.

Lending profitable help and assistance have not been canceled. The past Ohaneze Presidents have made things very difficult for the Igbos to the extent that the people seem to have totally lost every hope.

If you are not deeply burdened to live from a place of love towards your fellow Igbos, not moved to alleviate their sufferings, not compelled to leave people especially the dying Igbo youths better than you have met them, it is completely needles then,  calling yourself an Ohaneze Ndigbo President. This is just the glaring truth.


Obulose Chidiebere N.
For Family Writers Press International

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