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Thursday 24 September 2020

Ernest Chijioke and the Hypocrisy of Nigeria men of God

 Ernest Chijioke and the Hypocrisy of Nigeria men of God

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I received the news of a certain self-acclaimed pastor called, Ernest Chijioke of Heavenly Road Evangelical Church, located at Ogbaku, Onitsha-Owerri Road, Imo State, who reportedly insulted and humiliated IPOB members in his Church on a Sunday morning. This unthinking man asked IPOB members in his church to stand up and matched them out of his Church. After which he centered his sermon on IPOB, denigrating IPOB and everything IPOB stands for. 

Before you come up with your usual 'touch not my anointed and my prophet do no harm' lines, I want to remind you that this line is the most abused lines in the Holy Bible by African Pastors and Priests. These lines have been used to hoodwink millions of Christians and helped transformed these Pastors into demigods. We live in a clime where correcting a man of God is seen as an attack against God. 

Use a moment and think of what Jesus Christ would have done in this very situation. Jesus Christ welcomed sinners and preached the Gospel of Love. Jesus Christ didn't side with the Roman Emperors against the people. He stood with the oppressed and gave hope to their battered souls.

However, in this situation, IPOB members are no sinners. In fact, IPOB like the biblical Christ have paid with their lives for the freedom of their own people. Young men in their 20s and 30s were gunned down in their prime for peacefully demonstrating and demanding for referendum. IPOB is saying an emphatic no to the atrocities happening in Nigeria. They have seen that Nigeria's continued existence kills more souls frequently, so they are campaigning for self determination, which is their right, according to UN laws.

But unfortunately, a man that claims to be a man of God chose to insult these revolutionaries, pitching his tenth with the oppressors of his own people. He supports a terrorist government of Nigeria. A government that supports Fulani herdsmen to keep killing indigenous people. A government that have dropped a bomb in an IDP camp killing thousands and wounding many. A government that has destroyed the economy, made lives excruciatingly difficult for people, including his own faithfuls, by raising fuel prize and electricity tariff. A group of criminals that loots the resources. 

Do this Pastor understand exactly what the people are passing through in Nigeria, and still gives him their huge offerings and tithes? I remember Desmond Tutu of South Africa, a fearless warrior of God. He stood with his people. What of Martin Luther, the King? He fought for the liberation of the Blacks in America. He is an Envangelist. 

Biafrans for the past 50 years have been suffering marginalisation in the hands of Nigeria. The federal government recently borrowed money for infrastructural development, but refused to include South East as a beneficiary; yet South East will contribute in repaying the loan. When South West has four Sea Ports, and North with two working dry ports, South East and South South can't boast of a single working Sea Port, even with their many seas and Rivers. 

What of international airports? Biafrans live in a country they are denied infrastructure, but forced to accept RUGA and their water ways taken. Python dance has been brought against peaceful protesters, but nothing done to Fulani herdsmen wiping out villages and towns. So tell me that Pastor Ernest Chijioke is not seeing all these abnormalities and inhuman treatment being meted on his people?

Pastor Ernest Chijioke is a Pastor after the devils heart. He is evil and dines with the devil. He makes the people pay tithes to him and yet still supports politicians and governors who oppress the people. Only the blind will keep attending his Church after this sad incident.

Personally, I don't believe any of his apologies, until he goes back to his church and make an honest apology.

Our men of God can't continue dishing out prophecies for and dinning with the same politicians killing their own people.

Written By Elochukwu Ohagi

(a Philosopher, Teacher And Activist)

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International.

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