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Wednesday 23 September 2020

Nigeria: The Order For Massive Boycott Of Independence Day Celebration In Biafraland

 Nigeria: The Order For Massive Boycott Of Independence Day Celebration In Biafraland

Evil is not celebrated in Biafraland and we do not romance it because it is traditionally forbidden. For quite a long time now since Nigeria got her unworthy flag independence, we as a people, have been greasing this evil hoping that it will get better someday which has never and will never happen. But instead, it has caused a major step backwards, against the freedom of our loving nation, Biafra. It is high time we earnestly differenciate the spade from the shovel.

The fact is that Nigeria's independent union with Biafrans is valueless and essentially inconsequential and as such, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, on his Radio Biafra broadcast on the 9th of September 2020, had maintained that it is time to cut all ties with Nigeria. He stressed that such a relationship considering the ongoing developments, could only be described as "that existing between a cat and a rat".

He made it clear that starting from 1st of October 2020 which is Nigeria's Independence Day Celebration, that our school children in all known Biafra territory would henceforth, no longer participate or represent their different schools in match-pasts or any other event relating to the Nigerian independence.

Reasons advanced were that:

1. Nigeria's union with Biafra was false and a highly profiled crime against humanity.

2. Nigeria has got nothing tangibly beneficial for our children. This is a situation where one will undergo the wasteful Nigeria 3-6-6-4 educational system without getting a job after a whole nineteen years duration.

3. The tendency that either Boko Haram militants, Fulani herdsmen or even the Nigerian soldiers or their police friends in crime, might break out and shoot at our children as they had been known for over the years. This is quite certain as Nigeria is known for security unconsciousness.

4. Nigeria in 2020 occupied the third (3rd) position in World Terror Ranking. That is Nigeria not Biafra. We must disassociate ourselves as Biafrans from the stinking evil Nigeria because we are the children of Light.

Nigeria under this four (4) faced APC Government of Buhari and his kinsmen had already concluded plans to overrun Biafraland with their terrorist foot soldiers which is the reason why they influxed our land with young alamajiris during the Covid-19 lockdown. This is aimed at familiarizing themselves over time with all nooks and crannies of our land as well as fluently speaking our languages even more than most of us can.

On this note therefore, we call on the Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A), across the entire Biafra territory to join hands with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to make that day, a  total Sit-At-Home Experience as we strive earnestly, towards the full restoration of our long awaited nation, Biafra.

God Bless All Biafrans!

God Bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!!

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Domendu Emilia

For Family Writers Press International

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