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Monday 14 September 2020

Nigeria: Murder of Tewase Akwaza (aka Gana), Avenue to Increased Fulani Massacre of Benue People

Nigeria: Murder of Tewase Akwaza (aka Gana), Avenue for Increased Fulani Massacre of Benue People

Playing out a mischievous crime against humanity, the Nigerian government in it's tyrannical onslaught against the citizens, has yet again, successfully deceived both the Benue State people and Nigerians in entirety, into removing it's sworn enemy. Under the guise of tactically eliminating "a notorious enemy", the federal government through the instrumentality of the Nigerian army, has killed a strong figure that stood opposed via arms struggle, against the Fulani Islamic terrorists that have been hacking down innocent Benue people at will. Tewase Akwaza (aka Gana) was criminally shot dead by Nigerian soldiers on his way to the Benue Government House on Amnesty arrangement with Governor Samuel Ortom. It could be recalled that the indigenous land owners of Benue State, have over the years, been subjected to gruesome killings, destructions and deprivations by the Fulani Islamic footsoldiers without known reprisal attacks from the same armed security forces of Nigeria.  All the lamentations for justice, freedom and restitution aimed at restoring hope and security from the Nigerian government proved abortive. Instead, the grossly compromised Nigerian media in their shameless rape of civility and blunt abuse of journalism ethics, went ahead to tag such acts of criminality by the Fulani Islamists, "Farmers/Herders Clashes".

On the 11th and 12th of January 2018 respectively, Cable News Network (CNN) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported the disgusting news of the mass burial of the massacred Benue indigenous people. CNN had equally reported that the Governor of Benue State had stated that the Fulani jihadists went on rampage, wielding machetes and other dangerous weapons. Despite these, the Fulani controlled Nigerian government, remained complicitly adamant. The people of Benue were left to survive at the mercy of the Fulani janjaweed. Bello Bodejo, Head, Cattle Herders Association in the same report, had accused Governor Samuel Ortom of his failure in enforcing the law which prohibits cattle grazing in some parts of the state without consulting the herdsmen. Till date, nobody has either been arrested or arraigned in any court of competent jurisdiction for the dastardly murder of the innocent indigenous citizens. However, the repugnant genocidal killing of the people has ceased, giving hope that peace has eventually been restored. The Fulani terrorists seem to have relocated from the bushes and farmlands. What really happened could only be imagined.

Tewase Akwaza popularly known as Gana, an indigene of Benue State, used to be a frontline terror agent of the Fulanis. Having overtime, witnessed the grievous mayhem these vampires had visited upon his people, decided to defend his homeland and quit terrorism. While Gana joined hands in defending his people from the Fulanis, peace suddenly returned. The farmers joyfully returned back to their farmlands, community dwellers slept in tranquility while the men constituted themselves into potent security front liners, to secure their lives, loved ones and properties. The marauding Fulani terrorists were totally handicapped, being left with no other alternative for penetration into Benue land because Gana quite understood their modus operandi. On Channels Television, Gana had confessed to being one of the frontline terror agents for the Fulanis and had out of his own volition, decided to quit.

Before now, the Fulani run Nigerian government labelled Tewase Akwaza (aka Gana), a wanted criminal and had gone ahead to have him summarily eliminated, even in cold blood. To every sane mind, there are puzzles that have remained unsettled. Why really was Gana so killed? All these while, were actually was Gana? Why has the Nigerian media not been able to raise any alarm concerning the "atrocities" of this man in Benue State? If he was a criminal as being tagged by the Nigerian government and who later surrendered himself, why then was he killed in the manner he was, without any provocation and information on his terrorist activities? Is his confession on Channels TV the reason for his elimination? Is Gana not the antidote to the wave of Fulani terror activities unleashed on the citizens of Benue State? Is the Nigerian army in criminal coalition with the federal government to suppress the self-defence mechanism adopted by the citizens of the land against terrorism? These questions are earnestly begging for answers while humanity awaits the possible unfolding drama following the death of this man.

If therefore, the terror attacks orchestrated by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders eventually return to Benue State, the world should then hold the Nigerian government culpable as the architects of this morbidity and despicable acts of terrorism against those it swore to protect. Probe into the gruesome killing of Gana must have to be strongly demanded by all citizens of goodwill. The covert reasons for this act of terror by the Nigerian government that claims to be in a democracy must have to be unraveled. Now is the time to place unambiguously, a demand for justice and not silence of timidity.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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