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Thursday 17 September 2020

The Transition Of Leadership Betrayals In Igbo Land

 The Transition Of Leadership Betrayals In Igbo Land 

When I say that Ndị Igbo lost leadership immediately after the war, some people don't really understand it.

The Biafra war brought many woes to the people of Biafra, which amongst other things includes loss of good Leadership. The fight to disorient the Igbos started during and after the war, and has continued till today. This is perpetrated by enthroning and empowering people who within themselves, never believed in the Igbo struggle or emancipation.

The creation of the East Central State was a ploy by the British-Nigeria government to divide Biafra. Ukpabi Asika, a pro Nigeria intellectual was appointed as the Civilian Ambassador to East Central State. An office he held during the war and after the war.

Asika from Lagos, addressed his own people as 'rebels', and called on them to lay down their weapons. Asika’s first of such speeches was 'Enough is Enough' (10 November, 1967); wherein he stated thus:

"Come forward now and let us stop this war. This wanton destruction of lives and property. Enough is enough. You have seen the contrast between the security and the prosperity which Ojukwu promised you, by seeking to cut the cords that tie you with the country, and the destruction, the waste and the insecurity in which you now live. I am speaking to you as a fellow Nigerian, an Iboman, who has also suffered. Even as I speak to you I do not know the extent of the waste, the damage, the destruction that has been done to my home at Onitsha, to my family and my friends and to all those very, very dear to me. Can you imagine that I do not care? [...] To those of you who fled your homes, in Enugu and the areas of Nsukka I wish to make a special appeal that you now return. Your protection and security are assured [...] The rebels, in arms, are invited to lay down their arms, or better still turn over the arms to the Nigerian Army. All rebels who do so will be treated with clemency and understanding. Already the Federal Military Government has stated that all soldiers, no matter on which side they fought, would [sic] be fully rehabilitated."

The above is the mindset of an efulefu who saw his people that were killed in millions, forced out of their comfort zones as refugees, only to turn around and label them as rebels. He was practically used by the North against his people.

Asika's administration of the East after the war saw the recruitment of people with his replica mindset into power, as well as the gradual and complete retrenchment of people with the Biafra spirit from the corridors of governance. Those that don't want to lose their jobs or denied appointments started abiding with same mindset. Within a short period, lots of selfish individuals and betrayers of their own people became leaders in Igbo land. 

It is not a surprise that leaders in Igbo land are always standing on a different stage with the people they claim to be representing. The Northern hegemony, who are in charge of Nigeria throw up anyone that slaves sheepishly for them into power in Igbo land. It became worse that the people lost even the power to decide who become their political leaders. This is evidenced in the last Imo State election that saw Hope Uzodimma suddenly become the Governor of Imo state. Something made possible by the Fulani hegemony through the instrumentality of the supreme Court of Nigeria. 

Almost all the leaders in Igbo land, from Ohanaeze down to the governors and Senators are all stooges of the Fulani. They obey the Fulani and are always seen standing against their own people.

The people on their own are helpless. An Igbo adage says, 'onye ji igu ka Ewu na eso'(The goat only follows any person in possession of the Palm-frond). The Fulani having empowered these men, now lure them to use their ill gotten wealth to buy the conscience of the people. It has been this way unchanged, until the coming of IPOB.

With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB coming to the stage, it ceased to be business as usual for these selfish Igbo leaders, who have for the past 50 years betrayed their own people. IPOB has exposed them, making the people to understand the magnitude of betrayal they have received in the hands of the people calling themselves Igbo leaders. From the time of Ukpabi Asika till this day, Igbo land has been ruled by Betrayals and Saboteurs.

Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

(Philosopher, Teacher And Activist)

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International.

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