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Saturday 24 October 2020

End-SARS Crisis In Rivers State: Wike Wrongly Accuses IPOB

 #EndSARS Crisis In Rivers State: Wike Wrongly Accuses IPOB

It is regrettably unfortunate that the Nigerian political class has shamelessly pitched it's tent with hypocrisy and self-debasing rhetorics. The Rivers State Governor, Barrister Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike, has bold-facedly proven to be one in the pack by publicly demonstrating his subservience to the Sokoto caliphate during his statewide broadcast on Friday 23rd October, 2020. 

In his statements, he before the citizens, blatantly accused the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as being the perpetrators of the mayhem allegedly carried out in different parts of the state especially within Port Harcourt city and Obigbo town.

It has obviously been made clear to the global community, that it was the sinisterly deployed soldiers in company of the Fulani militias by the Nigerian army in Rivers state that carried out the recorded atrocities that trailed the peaceful #EndSARS protests. 

The Governor ill-advisedly point fingers at IPOB family members as being masterminds of the disturbances in order to please his Abuja-based Fulani masters. This action of his it should be stated, followed the emergency meeting of the Nigerian Council of State which was conveyed in Abuja earlier. The International Community should therefore ask the disappointedly hypocritical Governor Wike when IPOB started getting involved in the destruction of lives and properties in Rivers State. 

Since the year 2015, this indigenous global movement ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, commenced protests and rallies at different locations in both Biafraland and the wider Nigeria without any record of members engaging in destructive activities. There has never been incidences of violence, disruption of public peace, death or damages caused by IPOB anywhere. It is embarrassing that the Governor should just for clandestine reasons, throw every sense of good reasoning and decency to the wind by criminalizing and endangering the lives of the innocent. 

Accusing IPOB of orchestrating the destruction of public/private propeeties and death of persons in Rivers State is an indication that he is not being sincere with the developments in the land he governs. Saying in his broadcast that IPOB has a hand in both the #EndSARS protest which the Nigerian youths instigated with himself participating in with the ensuing mayhem, is most callously an act of irresponsibility. The Nigerian Armed Forces employed intimidation and shooting to death  of innocent youths, in their morbid attempt to try to quell the peaceful protests.

The civilized global community should note that Governor Nyesom Wike out of desperation to massage personal/group political interests, is only transferring his aggression by arrogantly and unguidedly declaring the proscription of IPOB activities in Rivers State. IPOB has totally no concern in the #EndSARS protests with the accompanying destruction of lives and properties. He must therefore, be held completely accountable should further deaths of innocent citizens in Rivers Stste be recorded through the ongoing military siege in Biafraland. 

#EndSARS protests have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with IPOB as that project is purely Nigerian youths' that need a clinical termination of tyranny/impunity and regime transformation that will better their lives. 

IPOB agenda which is definitively known to the world, hinges on the total restoration of Biafra independence. IPOB does not have to participate in #EndSARS, #EndPoliceBrutality or #EndRegimeImpunity protests but a holistic and outright restoration of Biafra nationhood. 

It is therefore an apparent act of mischievousness for anyone to link IPOB  in the crisis presently rocking Nigeria. Governor Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike has teribly goofed this time around because of the hawkish political pressure coming from his Abuja cum Sokoto caliphated masters. 

What a shame! What a betrayal!!

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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