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Monday 2 November 2020

A Cry For Freedom

A Cry For Freedom

Through His servant has he spoken,

And spirits now truly awoken,

Fresh wounds in the hearts of men never forgotten!

For the die has caste,

The stage fully set

Mother Earth 'bout to get wet

With the blood of the innocent,

A deep hole has been dug

As sheeples' eyes still covered with spiritual mug,

As masses chant enough is enough

To the monsters, in the corridors of power

That feed fat with the sweat

And blood of their subject

Yes! That crazy house niggars

Doing the biddings of their slave masters,

Those frenemies in our midsts 

Blindly punching us back with their evil fists!

Lo, I see the end drawing nearer 'n nearer,

Days of reckoning coming closer 'n closer,

The very end of an evil entity 

That has had many

Trapped in the captivity of negativity,

And that for long has kept us in tears,

This devil that constantly feed on our fears

Shall soon be gone

And to be remembered no more!

Be calm, oh mortal men,

Even as the wounded lion 

May loudly still roar in its den 

Its strength has long gone

And it's too hard to move on.

Be comforted, ye mortal men

For the sun upon the living shall again shine

The day shall again brightens and fine,

And peace shall in the land return,

For His will shall be done

That we may glorify His name

As we rise to fame.

Who shall we fear when God is our comforter?

Even as its retainer struggle and fumble

The Zoo in the end shall still crumble!

Nigeria, oh Nigeria the killer of destinies

Shall soon vanish in the face of crisis

That we may rejoice 'n give Elohim praises.

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

For Family Writers Press International

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