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Sunday 1 November 2020

Dumped Corpses Of Executed #EndSars Protesters Discovered In Enugu (photos and videos)

Dumped Corpses Of Executed #EndSars Protesters Discovered In Enugu (photos and videos)

The silent execution of innocent and peaceful #EndSars protesters is still ongoing in Enugu state as many evidences abound. Several identified persons have been missing in Enugu since 21st of October 2020, during the #EndSars protests which was carried out across Nigeria and subsequently, globally.

Several decomposing bodies have been uncovered by Family Writers Press International in many places in Enugu state where the bodies of the summarily executed youths were dumped by Nigeria security forces, reportedly on the order of Enugu state government.

 Scores of young protesters were arrested and have been incarcerated in  Enugu state. Investigations by Family Writers Press International, reveals that many have been executed by the Nigeria security agents without any court trial.

On Wednesday 28 October, 2020 in Enugu state, mainly within the urban region of the state, people began to get worried and uncomfortable over the unhealthy odour they are perceiving within their environment. This prompted some brave youths to summon courage and move to find out  the source of the choking smell which has densely polluted the atmosphere. Eventually, some decaying corpses of human beings who are mainly youths were discovered.

Calls began to go across to the people living within the vicinity where the dead bodies are dumped, to notify them about the environmental hazard.

Family Writers Press International correspondent who has been on ground in Enugu state and was part of the team that discovered the corpses of the protesters, obtained a first hand information, details, analysis, videos and pictures to ascertain the true cause of their deaths.

Further evidences and facts gathered, has it that the bodies found in various areas were dumped by Nigeria Police and Army personnel in the middle of the night, possibly after their execution.

A member of the police force who spoke to Family Writers Press International on condition of anonymity had earlier revealed that a lot of arrested #EndSars protesters are secretly being executed within the Enugu state detention facilities with approval from Enugu state government.

The areas where corpses have been discovered include:

1.  Milking Hill Pit along Ngwo Road Enugu State. Four dead bodies(all male) were found in a shallow pit  

on Wednesday 28th October, 2020.

Signs of bullets holes were also seen in various parts of their bodies.

The bodies were thrown from very far uphill down into the pit, in order for people not have access to their bodies.

2. Three bodies were discovered nearby a thick bush in Ituku/Ozalla by UNTH, along Enugu to PortHarcourt express road on 28th October, 2020.

All the bodies were seen with bullet holes, and all are male.

3.  Two bodies were discovered along Adoration Road Emene, Enugu.

Bullets holes were spotted on their bodies. All are male victims.

4.  The families of Mr Sunday Chime, Christian Ugwuja, and Victor are still searching for their children who disappeared during the protests, while several other families are yet to see or hear from their sons and daughters since October 21, 2020 as at the time of filing this report.

On 21st, 22nd and 23rd of October 2020, the Nigerian police, Nigeria Army and other security forces were seen harassing, intimidating, arresting, and opening fire on protesters. They were shooting sporadically on peaceful protesters  who carried only placards with inscription of "END SARS", "END POLICE BRUTALITY", "STOP ILLEGAL EXECUTION OF YOUTHS".

During these series of sporadic shootings, many protesters were killed instantly and their bodies taken away by the security forces. Over 60 persons sustained various degree of gun shot injuries.

Family Writers Press International correspondent on ground confirmed that on October 23, hundreds of #EndSARS protesters had gathered in the morning hours at various locations in Enugu state to publicize their displeasures against the notorious Nigeria police unit known as Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). At Akwata Coal Camp  area, Emene area along Agbani road, had the presence of these youths who engaged in peaceful #EndSARS and #EndPoliceBrutality protests. 

Everything turned bloody when the officers and men of the Nigerian police and army blocked the roads to resist the protesting youths, and eventually opened fire on the armless civilians. Not less than nine (9) persons were instantly killed at Akwata, with several others sustaining various degrees of injuries. Many of the protesters were equally arrested and whisked away in hilux vans to an unknown location by the Nigeria police.

The same tragic incident was recorded at Uwani area of Enugu at about 2:00pm same Friday October 23, 2020. The Nigerian police shot live bullets into the crowd of the protesting youths and killed several persons. Some of the corpses and even the wounded were taken away by the security agents. 

Further information gathered reveals that Enugu state government  issued a warning to hospitals and medical clinics within the state not to grant medical treatment to any person with gunshot injury without police report.

In Enugu state, the whole condition is terrible as no Nigeria media house is reporting the atrocities being perpetrated by Nigeria security forces in collaboration with Enugu state government.

More than 40 #EndSars protesters are currently under illegal detention in Enugu state CID. Many are still with gunshot injuries on their bodies.

 About 29 protesters have been transferred to Enugu maximum prison after their secret arraignment in court without any legal representative. No lawyer or relative have appeared because of the constant denials by the Nigerian police Force and Enugu state government led by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

This report is put together by Family Writers Press International Correspondents in Enugu state.

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