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Tuesday 10 November 2020

Divide And Rule; A Tool Of Destruction Against The South

 Divide And Rule; A Tool Of Destruction Against The South 

Divide and rule has been the most potent weapon ever used against the Southern part of Nigeria, to subjugate them till this very day. The divide and rule started with the British colonial masters, and was handed over to the Fulani to continue using it against the South.

There is divide and rule against the Igbo and the Yoruba. There is divide and rule against the Igbo and their brothers in Izon, Efik, Ogoni and several other ethnic groups. Then again, there is also divide and rule against the Igbo and their fellow Igbo people. At the middle of all these is the Fulani. I normally say that the Fulani is wise, and some people have refused to accept it. The Fulani have craftily divided brothers among themselves so as to keep them subjugated.

 When you ask a Yoruba, he will complain to you how Nnamdi Azikiwe betrayed Awolowo and joined hands with the North against what can be called at that time, the Southern interest. Then again, Ndị Igbo on the other hand would remind the Yoruba how they sacked Nnamdi Azikiwe from his elected position in the West and sent him scampering back to the East. Instead of learning from history, they decided to glorify themselves with blame games. Since then, the North led by the Fulani have had the two tribes warm their beds at every interval. 

It is always the Fulani using either Yoruba or the Igbo. Recently, the Yoruba have become the loyal wife of the North, since the activities of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu started. The IPOB Leader have taken authority off the feet of the Eastern Leaders to the shock of the political class. They are wondering if the people would ever listen to them when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is there.

Britain understands the need to hold the South down. Ruling Nigeria through the Fulani would indirectly give Britain charge over the affairs of Nigeria. Eastern Nigeria was a block prior to the war. But with the war, seeds of disunity were sown among those that were Biafrans in 1967. They were given the name Niger Delta and made to believe that the Igbos want Biafra because of Niger Delta oil. Those that were lied to forget that Igbo land also have oil in large quantity. This divide and rule tactics also affected Ndị Igbo as a people. 

Those that were proudly Igbo before the war suddenly started denying their identity. Onitsha man was seriously calling Igbo people from other places 'Nwa Onye Igbo', while claiming they aren't ndị Igbo. Even some Ugwuta people, Asaba, Agwashiukwu and many parts of Anioma in Delta State all started denying being Igbo. Many changed their Igbo names.

In Ikwere, alphabet 'R' was included in Igbo names, so as to corrupt the names and make them have less of  Igbo connotation. All these started after the war. Obigbo was renamed Oyigbo. It is same divide and rule that Governor Wike (Nwaike) is championing. In a state that inhabit many Igbo towns and villages, Governor Wike is shamelessly telling us that Ndị Igbo are not part of Rivers state. Is this not the highest level of self denial?

With what Gov Wike is doing in Rivers, some people are already succumbing to their end game. They want to deepen the divide among our people. They want to see people in the South East speak against brothers in South South. How do you feel advocating for a Biafra of only South East, when you know that places like Egbema were divided into two; One in South East and another in South south? Should Abia and Imo claim Niger Delta and not Ndị Igbo, like Gov Wike is doing? We should be consistent and never allow them get the better part of us.

Biafra will never leave any part of Biafra land behind in Nigeria. No corrupt political leader like the governors will ever determine for the people who they are and where they wish to belong. It must be determined under referendum, where every man would be entitled to one vote. Every component part of Biafra will vote if they want or doesn't want to be part of Biafra.

At this stage, we must shun any kind of divide and rule tactics of the Fulani  It is certain that Governor Wike has been bought over by them. The prove is staring at all of us.  What could have made Governor Wike to send soldiers into Obigbo to massacre people? Even when these people were his supporters who voted for him. The truth is that the Fulani hegemony got to him, promised him something, and like others, he betrayed his own people.

The entire South have been brought to her knees through divide and rule. They use our people against us or one ethnic group against another. 

Reject Divide and Rule. Stand firm against those who desperately want to have us destroyed.

Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International.

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