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Friday 26 February 2021

 The Difference Between Nnamdi Kanu And Igbo Leaders

If only Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), could step aside for a period of just twelve calendar months and not in anyway, counter the Fulani janjaweed-led Nigerian government that is comfortably sitting on the conscience of the caliphates slave South-East governors, people will then see the spate of death and destruction that will be unleashed. 

It will be amazing to see how the entire Eastern (South-East and South-South regions) will be overrun and occupied by the Fulani killer herdsmen. An Internet activist commenting on his twitter handle said: "I think most people who have problems with Nnamdi Kanu, are those who do not want to let go of the mental chain called 'One-Nigeria'. I cannot take away his sacrifices and loyalty to the Igbos. I really wish Igbo leaders are backing him up as Northern leaders are backing their terrorists".

Another social commentator, wrote: "Since Buhari became the President of Nigeria, the only thing we talk about is banditry, Boko Haram, kidnapping, Fulani herdsmen, terrorism, payment of ransom, nepotism, social media ban, RUGA and 2023 elections. No single policy to improve the life of an average Nigerian".

Sheikh Gumi, the renowned Northern Islamic cleric has not in anyway, condemned the blatant kidnappings and gruesome killings amongst other inhuman activities being perpetrated by the so-called bandits both within the Northern region and other parts of the British designed enclave called Nigeria, by these government-sponsored Fulani Islamic killers. Gumi has rather been licensed to stand as their pre-planned negotiator. He has been vigorously canvassing for blanket amnesty for these deadly armed Islamic criminals. These people have brazenly been causing mayhem in virtually every part of the country, with the Nigerian government treating all of them with kid gloves. 

Some vulnerable and gullible Igbos that are reeling in this messy waters, pitiably turn blind eyes to the woeful leadership failure of the South-East stooge governors and representatives that have been turned into slaves and morons of the  Fulani caliphate. They are in the habit of echoing political correctness and have remained in the opposition to Nnamdi Kanu, faulting all his intentions. They see him as the problem of Igbo people when in the actual rating, he is a consolidated, consistent and resistant force against the common enemies that are always laboriously determined to terrorize and wipe out the indigenous land owners. 

The North is relentlessly rooting for a conquest as an agenda against the South with the combination of a total squad of Northern politicians, traditional and religious leaders. They lend their full support to this subtle and steady agenda, using their foot soldiers that hide under the cloak of Fulani  herdsmen. These militias roam about, brandishing AK47 assault riffles without consequences. These so-called Fulani cattle herders are the fourth most deadliest terrorist group in the world, according to Global Terrorist Index Ranking. 

The Eastern governors in conjunction with their political colleagues amongst other crop of leadership, are through their careless and treacherous antecedents, giving invitation to the enemies to come into the land. The Fulani janjaweeds are being welcomed for occupation by the so-called Igbo leaders, exposing our people whom they ought to be protecting, to varying degrees of attack and humiliation. 

The leaders of the Yorubas (Western Nigeria), are knitted together in unity, to form a solid resistance force against the marauding Islamic murderers. The Supreme Court administrator of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma, recently and boastfully invited the Nigerian military to get into the State to crush the operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN), that have since inception on 12th December 2020, been safeguarding and flushing out from the bushes, forests and farmlands, these Fulani killer herdsmen. 

Ironically, no Northern governor has incriminated or invited the Nigerian military, into their States to crush the Islamic militias and bandits that have unabatedly been kidnapping and killing the innocent. Rather, they have in conjunction with the Nigerian government, been paying millions and billions of naira ransom to them in appreciation. The Bauchi State governor, Bala Mohammed had recently, unequivocally defended these murderers even publicly. 

The Igbos think that they are intellectuals with tilted concern that the Eastern Security Network has no legal backing for operation. Are these group of people really aware that the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, officially wrote letters to the South-East and South-South governors, intimating them of his honest intention to work with them pertaining the issue of floating a regional security outfit like what obtains in both Northern and Western parts of the country, for the protection of our land and people? But they reckless snobbed him leading to the formation and unveiling of the Eastern Security Network (ESN). Sounding politically correct is quite understable because we live in a world that gives everyone, opportunistic reality but such must not be allowed to be drowned in the water of tyranny and oppression. 

The Fulani killer agents are welding their AK47, amidst their arrant occupation of our bushes, forests and farmlands without permission. They are raping our women, kidnapping/maiming/killing our people, destroying our valuables and pillaging everywhere. They do not understand  peace or dialogue and so, should be roundly matched with AK47 for AK47. We must not be playing victims all the time while yet being oppressed and enslaved. This is the time to arise and confront the enemies. This is the time to fight back in self-defence.

Self-defence essentially, is the best form of attack in this setting and the Eastern Security Network (ESN), has been birthed into existence to stay. It is also noteworthy to give this reminder here that the Nigerian Defence Minister has equally stated that: "Bandits attack easily because Nigerians are cowards". What does this statement really imply? Defend yourself and that is exactly the sole function behind the formation of ESN just like Amotekun in the Western and Hisbah in the Northern regions respectively. Whether ESN has legal backing of the Eastern regional governors who are foot dragging to even float a legitimate regional security outfit in the face of dire needs, the primary focus should be directed on safeguarding the entirety of the Biafran people. 

Biafraland and the vulnerable, innocent, law abiding citizens should be adequately protected. The same common enemies that Amotekun is fighting in the West, yet remains the same that the Eastern Security Network (ESN), is contending with in the Eastern region. The political, traditional and religious leaders should queue behind this laudable objective and help give our people the much needed security coverage and attention that is uncompromisably desired in today's Nigeria.

Family Writers Press International

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