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Wednesday 24 February 2021

The Igbo Race And The Pain Of Having Incapacitated Elders And Leaders

 The Igbo Race And The Pain Of Having Incapacitated Elders And Leaders

It is quite disheartening and sickening, beholding the type of elders and leaders we have in Igboland and all around Biafra. It is such a disgusting sight that I as a person,

sometimes run out of options than to say "it would have been best if we never had them and if death could just wipe off all those occupying the leadership position in our land". It is never a taboo to have elders or leadership structure else, we would not institute one. 

How come it has landed us in this state of great concern as a result of the way the people occupying these positions treat us? We only mean something to them during elections but turn out to become nonentities after the elections. This has led to our questioning ourselves if we are the cause of our problems. Where and how have we gotten it wrong? What is it that we supposed to have really done that we have not? Yet, we have not found ourselves in any wrong.

One thing is to be noted. When I carefully go through some parts of history, I get convinced that all these, boil down to the fact that Igbos and Biafrans at large, were never designed by the creator to be part of this so-called "one nigeria". Our people were never consulted and so never took part in designing what is today the situation of this country. From the onset of the architectural design of Nigeria, the British made Northerners to have control of the country, while every other people in the enclave are to be their slaves, more especially the South-Easterners.

That is why you see the uneducated Northerner controlling the affairs of the educated Southerner in their "one Nigeria", even in this 21st century. Therefore, when we think we have leaders and elders over us, they are simply higher slaves that are only adhering to the biddings of their Northern slavemasters. This has so incapacitated Igboland and her leadership system in a way that before any potential leader is allowed into a political position, even in his own local government area, he must surrender himself to the wills of the North, pay some dues to the Northern elites and promise to play to their tunes. The North installs leaders of their choice for us, not minding if we voted someone else or not. The case of the Supreme Court Governor, Hope Uzodimma of Imo State is a clear example.

However, this leadership failure in Igboland cannot be fully talked about without apportioning a good cut of the blame to the selfishness of these leaders themselves. They shamelessly succumb into playing the Northern card to maintain their political positions at the expense of their own people's well being. This is why the likes of Nyesom Wike and Hope Uzodimma, the governors of Rivers and Imo States respectively, impenitently invited the Nigeria fulanized military to kill their own people whom they are meant to protect. This they did just because their Fulani masters ordered them to do so. 

Hope Uzodimma's own aggression is on currently and so tensely infused against the Eastern Security Network (ESN) because the security outfit, made up of men who love their fatherland, have sworn to defend it at all costs against such senseless killings. Tell me why a leader would be against an outfit whose only goal is to help protect the farmers and farmlands from the deadly Fulani terror herdsmen.  Why do you think the whole Igbo elders are dead silent? They only care to maintain their leadership positions. So the Nigerian government can go on and roll out it's tanks full of ammunition at Orlu to crush ESN operatives who have not committed any crime.

The Igbo leaders Should hide their faces in shame for conniving with this Fulani government of Nigeria against Biafrans. These Fulani leaders are proudly negotiating with their brother terrorists and bandits and offering them tens of millions of naira. Yet, Igbo leaders cannot learn. It shows that the Igbos neither have elders nor leaders, but rather, Fulani slaves. Therefore, our safety is in our own hands. Let us all arise now and join the voice of freedom that is calling from a far country and reclaim our dignity ones and for all via Nnamdi Kanu.



Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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