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Saturday 20 March 2021

Another Silly Goose: Tinubu’s Dream Of Presidency And A Growing List of White Elephant Projects

 Another Silly Goose: Tinubu’s Dream Of Presidency And A Growing List of White Elephant Projects

As perceptive as ever, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) warns Tinubu on the folly of pinning his hopes on the promise of a Yoruba presidency in 2023. Kanu likewise draws on Abiola’s spectacularly tragic experience as evidence of Tinubu’s illusion.

Out of genuine concern for non-Biafrans, Mazi Kanu grimly predicts the disaster Tinubu’s false belief has for the entire Yoruba people. Put simply, Tinubu's ambition stands on the pathway to Oduduwa Republic, should he become another silly goose on the 2023 presidential ticket. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s warning also enables a salutary lesson to be drawn for the Igbos too. As the driving force gained by the Eastern Security Network(ESN) across the south east keeps increasing, the Fulani regime appears to appease its guilt by making the presidency a carrot to be dangled before the Igbos. To make matters worse, this fickle promise seems to come with strings attached: if the Igbos behave well, one of them can become the next president of Nigeria. How insulting is that?

Biafrans have been kept dangling since the 1960s and so, have lost any interest in anything Nigeria. 

Therefore, the Igbos should not be under any illusion that an Igbo presidency is attainable. And if it were, it would still be a puny gift compared to what is actually at stake. An Igbo president would be comparable to giving a child a toy and believing all of that child’s problems would disappear completely and forever. Any thinking person’s eyes must begin to roll in utter exasperation the very moment Igbo presidency is merely mentioned because the northerners perceive the presidency as theirs and it is therefore theirs to be either given out or taken back at will. 

The talk of Igbo or Yoruba presidency does not in anyway proffer solution to the insurmountable problems that the Nigeria state is experiencing: a toxic climate of mistrusts between ethnic groups, Islamic extremism fuelling terrorism, kidnappings, rampant sexual violence, endemic corruption in public offices, decrepit hospitals, worst run schools by any measures, death traps as main roads for motorists, illiterate herdsmen wielding AK47s, police brutality and impunity, 86% joblessness, worst internet provision according to global standards, abysmally low and irregular electricity supply even with its abundant deposits of oil, coal and gas. And the list goes on.

Nigeria is the only place where things keep getting worst every new day that dawns. So, like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remarks, Nigerians must get to sincerely start answering to the question of whether an Igbo or Yoruba presidency is a sensible solution to the dilapidated national structure.

To say the truth, discussions regarding Igbo or Yoruba presidency is nothing but a veneer on an already divided Nigeria. It is another tactical attempt by the Fulani regime in aso rock to crudely excludes the core components of Biafra land and turn the wide Biafra course to a narrower Igbo course.

Thanks to Mazi Kanu who have kept on alerting everyone on this cynical plans of the fulanis.

Listening carefully to the IPOB leader's educational Radio lecture on the geography of Biafra land reveals how broadly based and inclusive the Biafran struggle has always been. 

The widely preferred method of scapegoating Igbos is outdated. For example, the Fulani’s game plan of colluding with the Yorubas to systematically keep the Igbos at bay has backfired at last. The Yoruba nation is in the offing, because the current Fulani regime is no longer able to play the Yoruba off against the Igbos.

And the Yoruba people must continue seeing any Yoruba presidential bid as a ruse to stop Oduduwa Republic.

No president can solve the problem of Nigeria. The solution only lies on letting Biafra, Oduduwa and every other entrapped ethnic nations leave for good. 

In conclusion, for the umpteenth time and as has been the case before, during and after the 2015 electioneering campaign, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu may take some flaks for warning of the obvious danger in pursuing narrow political interest over the collective communal need – a balkanized Nigeria.

Thankfully, 99.5% of Biafrans and discerning Nigerians know that the Fulani cabal’s political gamesmanship is over!



Written by G.E. Anukwe

Edited by Daniel Chibueze

For Family Writers Press International

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