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Wednesday 10 March 2021

Lies By The Nigeria Information Minster Have Landed The Country Into More Than It Can Recover From

Lies By The Nigeria Information Minster Have Landed The Country Into More Than It Can Recover From

The problem with lies is that more lies have to be told to cover up the previous. Sadly, this act of continuous lies has been the preoccupation of the Nigeria minister for information, Lai Mohammed since the last four years.

When ill-health is made a symbol of fraternity and its recovery a tool for voodoo there is a propensity for mortals to assume a larger than life personae.  There is therefore no gainsaying that as a result of Buhari’s death and conspiracy to keep it secret, photoshopping has become a lucrative venture championed and patronized by ‘the presidency.’

So, in death, Buhari has developed anti-aging powers that has left bewildered spectators imagining how magically the healing has transformed a hitherto very tall Buhari into an average height man, and from one who could communicate and write fluently in Fulfulde to a young man who could now write and speak near perfect English and has lost in entirety the ability to communicate and write in his language-Fulfulde. 

Asides the evidence of the numerous versions of Buhari as paraded, the conspicuous criminal involvement of the Nigerian media in reporting half truths concerning the president’s true state is appalling.

It is absolutely apparent that the Nigeria’s political class must be held accountable for holding back the truth of the true occupant of Aso Rock. They know the truth, but it has become customary with them to divulge truths only when there is a threat from ‘the presidency’ to their lives and political aspirations.

Just recently, Aisha Buhari, the president’s wife lamented the insecurity in the seat of power and has substantiated her claim by seeking asylum in a foreign country. Also, how else can one explain the sudden disappearance of the cordiality that was once a public spectacle among members of Buharis’ family?

But the Nigeria media has turned a blind eye to this misnomer. 

The massive failure of the security architecture and the continued retainment and remuneration of security chiefs speaks volume. The underperforming ministers and their retainment also suggest a total compromise of the system by the same political jobbers.

As a sign of further decay, Nigeria has become a big cash cow for the British. Particularly in recent times, the British high commissioner in her desperation has continued unabatedly her fraternity with the Fulanis as a message to the marooned masses of other ethnic nationalities as to where their interests lie, in a failed experiment called Nigeria.

In conclusion, the latest twist of a left handed Buhari into a sudden right handed Buhari is also grounds enough for questions and immediate answers from Nigeria’s political class and the masses. Buhari as a matter of urgency has to publicly address the nation in English and his mother tongue-Fulfulde as anything short of this might result in mass action and indeed a violent revolution that will certainly lead to the disintegration of Nigeria. #WhereIsBuhari

Written by Kelechi Rowland Amah,

Edited by Anne okon,

For Family Writers Press International.

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