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Thursday 11 March 2021

Northern Nigeria: A Time Bomb About To Explode

 Northern Nigeria: A Time Bomb About To Explode 

The North needs Nigeria and we know why. It is One Nigeria that is covering the atrocities of the North. Break up Nigeria and see the North eat up itself.

The Northern elites have succeeded in impoverishing the Northern masses both economically, emotionally, psychologically and above all educationally. In the North, there are more illiterates that doesn't know a word of English, than you have educated ones.

These have been a way of control orchestrated by the Northern elites, led by the Fulani. The Fulani who have tactically set themselves at the top; that was after Uthman Dan Fodio repositioned the Fulani. They devised a means to put others that were not Fulani down. These they started with the Hausa who unarguably formed a majority in the North, but willing enough to hand over their sovereignty to the Fulani.

No wonder in the North today, in all Hausa land, you can never see an Hausa ruler, but Fulani rulers. The Hausa people formed the majority of Almajiri children scattered all over the North. These Almajiri boys have no western education, only a little Islamic education. They are used for election and causing of havocs by the Northern elites. It was actually these Almajiri boys that was used to unleash evil on Southerners after 2011 general election in the North, after Mohammedu Buhari lost the election, killing more than 18 southern youths serving the country under the compulsory 'National Youth Service'. They are constantly used to attack Easterners living in the North and instill fear on them. No one tries to annoy them, as they are ever ready to move for kill, whenever instructed by their Imans, after Friday prayers.

These youths unfortunately will be a huge problem to the North should Nigeria divide. It was actually among these youths that different terrorist organizations in the Northern part of Nigeria harvest their numerous foot soldiers. That's why they kill ruthlessly after being brainwashed and radicalised by their religious leaders. They have been made not to think for themselves, reason they were denied education. Today, it works for the North, but we can't say same for tomorrow. 

In all these, Northern women are not left out in this subjugation. While the Fulani female children are in many universities of the world studying, Hausa women are married off at the tender age of 9 to a 75 years old Alhaji. They said it is an Islamic teaching and funny enough it is being defended by the same Fulani elites whom are sending theirs to university. You can never see the children of these Fulani elites being married off at tender age.

Hands and limbs of Hausa youths are cut off for stealing ordinary carrots and tomatoes, while the Fulani rulers are stealing billions without anyone questioning them.

The Northern elites in the other hand have perfectly used One Nigeria to cover up these evils they are perpetuating against the Northern masses. The oil from the South has been used to maintain them. Have you asked why a poor Northerner can maintain four wives? Their numerous local government areas are perfectly doing the job. 

Having used fake census to convince the South that they are more in number, they created more local government areas that puts almost all the inhabitants of the stipulated areas on salaries. Quota system is also another problem that will haunt the North. Do you know that many Northern professionals are not properly groomed? Most of them are half-baked, but because they need to equal the South, they keep graduating them.

One Nigeria have perfectly cushioned all these and should Nigeria divide today, it will be terrible up North. Crisis will erupt as there will be no more already made money to cover their mess. Terrorism will be taken to another level as you can't sow terror and reap peace. You cannot after giving AK47 to Fulani herdsmen terrorists, and pampering bandits, you think they will lay down their weapons after the eclipse of Nigeria.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

For Family Writers Press International

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  1. Most dynasties are built through manipulation of people for personal gain


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