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Thursday 18 March 2021

Mental Slavery: A Strong Colonial Weapon Against The Black Race

  Mental Slavery: A Strong Colonial Weapon Against The Black Race

Mental-Slavery is a compound word where "mental" have to do with the mind, and slavery have to do with the act of abducting human beings, possessing them as chattels and sometimes subjecting same to force labour.

Therefore, mental slavery is the act of capturing a person or persons, taking possession of their minds and compelling them to reason and believe the only way you want them to, while encouraging them to see potential saviours as threats to their mortal existence. 

Mental Slavery was an effective and potent tool employed by the colonial masters to keep blacks within their colonies in perpetual bondage and servitude. 

As a colonial vestige, most African countries have remained accountable to their colonial masters, regardless of their independent status as a country while despising, incarcerating, torturing and sometimes killing countrymen who by virtue of their exposure and learning understands the stratagems of the imperialists and are determined to liberate the people. 

Let us use Nigeria as a case study to demonstrate the destructive effects of mental slavery on a black African country.

Nigeria is a country in West Africa blessed with so many natural resources.

However, since gaining independence from Great Britain in 1960, Nigeria still remains accountable to the British government.

For instance, it is statutory that each time Nigeria’s crude is refined in Britain; the British government takes 60% of the refined crude while NIGERIA takes 40%. 

Before the catastrophic civil war broke out in 1967, Col. Odumegwu Ojukwu and Gen. Yakubu Gowon went for negotiation at Aburi, Ghana to try to salvage and somewhat restructure Nigeria. A "confederation" was agreed upon as a means to protect innovations, further strengthen the regional autonomy and assuage the fears of the less dominant ethnic groups making up the entity called Nigeria. But in a sour turn of events the British advised Gowon to jettison the accord. This set Nigeria on a path to a horrendous civil war that claimed the lives of over 3million Biafrans.  

"Mental slavery" also have strong affinity with religion. With religion, the people’s minds are comatosed, confused and crowded with half truths so that people of the same race, country, tribe and language, but different religion end up hating on one and other.

And currently, while Africans fight over which God is supreme, the west is busy exploiting her(Africa) resources and setting a high living standard for its citizens, leaving Africans to wallow in abject poverty and squalor.  

What do you think about Mental Slavery, what do you think we can do to end it?

Let us know in the comments box.

Written by Maduabuchi Daniel Freeman

Edited by Anne Uzong Okon

For Family writers press international

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