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Tuesday 23 March 2021

Unknown Gunmen: Direct Consequence Of Government Orchestrated Terror

Daily, law abiding indigenous citizens entrapped in Nigeria especially within Biafraland, have unabatedly been subjected to varying degrees of terroristic mayhem by the Nigerian security operatives without any established provocation. Biafraland has been  in constant siege of both the military and the police. What on earth will warrant even officers of the navy that are supposed to be safeguarding the Nigerian seashores, to be mounting roadblocks in a region that the government has viciously denied access to international water ways (seaports)? The despicable imposition of terror on the law abiding indigenous citizens, forceful abduction, killing, maiming and victimizing with varying degrees of pain being afflicted by the Nigerian armed forces, have remained indescribably awful. The army, customs, navy and police officers indiscriminately mount checkpoints within virtually every known town and community in Biafraland, extorting money, arresting people, causing deaths and creating tortous transits. Today, people come online on the internet to lodge complaints about the activities of some unidentified group of people called " Unkown Gunmen". These complainants have equally failed to critically probe into the fundamental causes behind the  emergence of these unknown gunmen who have taken up the responsibility of getting rid of the criminal activities of the Nigerian murderous security operatives. 

For years, Biafrans have been demonized and gruesomely killed at will in their numbers besides being unjustly incarcerated and intimidated. The progressive dreams of the youths have incessantly been cut short by the illegitimate activities of the Nigerian armed forces which turn around to tag the same oppressed lot, criminals. Those killed and subjected to all forms of inhuman treatments because they are "bloody civilians" have families, loved ones and dependants and yet the laws of the Nigerian state remained ineffectual and unforced even in a democracy. The combined teams of the Nigerian security operatives have today, become laws unto themselves. Justice is only served to the highest bidder or cronies while the poor survives only at the mercy of power wielders. The downtrodden is further dehumanized and framed or served justice through the barrel of the gun. Most of the police stations have become abbatoirs because officers kill their captives and harvest their organs for sale. The victims (captives) are none other than Biafran able bodied youths, mothers and fathers. Most of these victims are abducted from the roadblocks and taken to the stations where this heinous crimes are perpetrated. A practical example is that which has been evidenced from Ezu River in Anambra State where bodies of gruesomely slain Biafrans were seen floating and polluting the water. Their vital organs were comprehensibly evacuatted and disposed off.

What goes around definitely comes around and sometimes with unimaginable consequences. The only way for peace to prevail is for justice to be unbiasedly applied. The Nigerian government cannot in anyway, shy away from the fact that it's officials are the primary instigators of terror within the country. The emergence of unknown gunmen is definitely an incontestable indication of a failed state. A case where justice has become a taboo and freedom of speech/expression/association is regarded as an act of war, is most unfortunate. A country where one's freedom to peaceably live is not guaranteed due to the activities of political schemers, is most disgraceful. For how long really will politicians hold on to the oppression of the people without expecting monumental retaliation or repercussion? Presently, people have arisen to strongly say enough is enough to the enormous humiliation and denial they have suffered over the years. They have arisen to take their destinies in their own hands through the protection of their dreams from extinguishment. The barrel of the terroristic guns of the Nigerian security forces can no longer keep them enslaved even in their own land. The Nigerian Army, Airforce, Navy, Civil Defense, Customs and Excise and the Police that pleasure in illegitimate and indiscriminate mounting of roadblocks across the entirety of Biafraland to extort, kill, maim, abduct and terrorize law abiding Biafran citizens, have now boxed themselves in by the unfolding activities of the unknown gunmen.

One thing remains uncertain and that hinges on the level of police imposed carnage and the Nigerian government's unhidden support to the atrocious activities of Fulani Islamic terrorists. This will definitely compel and hasten the much anticipated dissolution of the Nigerian contraption. State sponsored vices employed to proscribe the Biafran indigenous citizens in their homeland for daring to speak the truth coupled with the dead silence of the Nigerian political terrorists of different cadre will certainly spell doom.

The State Governors, Senators, State and National House members, etcetera, which lay claims to representing their people, should now brace up to the daunting challenges that their actions or inactions have propped up. The people held bound for many years, have now decidedly arisen to extricate themselves from the evil domination and perpetual slavery of jaundiced political experimentation.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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