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Wednesday 24 March 2021

Unknown Gunmen: Volunteers Or Political Mercenaries?

Haven pondered a while over the activities of Unknown Gunmen, it is evidently and gradually becoming clear that these people are government sponsored terrorists assembled to actually destroy both the tranquil atmosphere and the beautiful image of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Rather than placing round pegs in round holes, some individuals have resorted to apportioning blames to the law abiding indigenous Biafran citizens as being those behind the mask of the unknown gunmen.

Having the full knowledge of Nigerian government's agenda of love for sponsorship of terror-related activities in the Northern part of the country, one should not then be mistaken to conclude that this prevailing situation is yet another covet agenda lined out against the people of the South-East under the garb of Unknown Gunmen. The Nigerian government is somewhat complacent with the crude activities of these men to the extent that even the presidency has wittingly decided not to make any statement aimed at countering the recorded attacks carried out by thees unmasked gunmen. Instead, Bashir Salihi Magashi, told Nigerian citizens to embark on self-defence, a statement rightly confirming the government complicity to the issues of terrorism ravaging the entirety of the country.

Though the people may have been rejoicing at the growing actions of these unknown gunmen because the Nigerian police stations which have been converted to caves of terror against the citizens they are obligated to protect, it yet remains that these unidentifiable gunmen most certainly have the backing of politicians. This cannot conscientiously be denied by the government otherwise, why is it difficult for the officials to make definitive statement about the unfolding but gravely disturbing drama? Up till this very moment, the Nigerian government has remained adamantly unconcerned and rather, has put up unimpressive stance to the morbid destruction  and attacks on police stations and personnel.

The relative peace which the Eastern region (Biafraland) has always had, is presently being threatened by this absurdity that is driven by the powers that be through the instrumentality of the force of these coded armed men. People can no longer be deceived because the Eastern (South-East) region  seem to be in a romantic peace mood with the gun trotters. Two factors however, can only be attributed to the growing activities of these unknown gunmen. These factors are either, that the group has arisen to completely eradicate terror-related activities of the murderous Nigerian security operatives by conversely placing a demand for justice which has been denied them by the Nigerian state or the groomed mercenaries were obligated to orchestrate unrest within the  relatively peaceful South-East region (part of Biafra territories). By so doing, the ground could be readily prepared for the long sought-after legal backing to fully declare Biafraland a war zone. This in every ramification, dedounds to well articulated political ploy tailored towards instilling fear and demonizing the law abiding citizens that have legitimately and peacefully been advocating for a referendum.

The possibility of state-sponsored crime against humanity being committed by the Nigerian government, cannot however, be over-emphasized. In the words of the Nigerian Islamic cleric, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, in one of his recent interviews as the chief negotiator or spokesperson of Islamic bandits, he pointedly said: "The Nigerian government knows where the bandits stay". This is definitely a direct accusation against the government's undeniable collaboration with the deadly terror elements and their activities. Yet, the bandits can neither be rounded up via arrests or military action. People must learn to channel their thoughts rightly in order not to only clearly sustain the desired future of hope and total emancipation but courageously bring them to reality.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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