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Sunday 25 April 2021

ESN Volunteers: The Courageous Defenders Of The Biafran People

The clarion call to fall unto the last line of defence of the Biafran people, has over the years, witnessed the enlistment of men of valor, dependability and discipline. Presently, are able bodied young Biafran men that have so voluntarily, answered this call without hesitation. It was a call unto sacrificial service even to death. For the love of Biafrans, these courageous individuals got selflessly enlisted in defence via the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

Without disputation, these men accepted to practically exercise their comradeship. They are our brothers, uncles, sons and fathers who have consciously staked their lives in defence of their people and fatherland. It should be noted that gallantry, bravery and ultimate sacrifice go together and have know fear or discouragement or defeat. These volunteers should therefore fully understand that their primary role hinges on their unreserved sacrifices which include money and others. Such involvement also demands giving one's life in defence of millions which ultimately, will stimulate unhindered attraction, trust and dependability. The people's strength and hope are being revived, thereby invoking the people's unwavering reverence and support.

The bible even referenced this wholesome love when it said that: "the greatest love any man can give to his people, is to lay down his life for them". Yeshua sacrificed and died because of love. He died for mankind and in the same vein and gesture, these Biafran men are standing tall on the defence line, with their wholeheartedness and commitment.

In Enugu, our people were defended at the risk of the lives of these volunteers. In Ebonyi, they protected our people and communities with brevity by strongly displaying their resolve. Today, they are sacrificing their blood in defence of Biafrans and for the restoration of our dear fatherland. Biafra is enjoying the level of peace and calmness that presently are, because such men are on ground. It is a feat to be proud of, for without the presence of these brave men, Biafraland would have been conquered.

Words cannot suffice in giving description to this enormous sacrifice and it means a lot to the Biafran people. People can yet give expression freely, make some noise in their homeland without fear of victimization and enslavement. All those Biafrans that are yet foot dragging in this struggle for our freedom, should decisively volunteer themselves for enlistment. These men are the army, the real friends, the pride, the warriors, the honor and all that anyone can boost of. No evil, enemy's bullet or missile will ever locate their camps as our God liveth! He will keep and guide them all, provide, sustain and defend them unto victory over and against all the enemies!! Biafra must be restored and they will live to be part of history, Iseeeeee (Amen)!


Written by Samuel Uchenna

Edited by Emma Iwu

For Family Writers Press International

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