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Sunday 25 April 2021

The Igbos: Baited And Conquered In Nigeria

Since the inception of this satanically inspired contraption called Niger-area, the Igbos have been positioned for conquest. The Igbo  race is republican in nature. The people are autonomous and have no recorded history of being conquered by any other tribe till date.
How then can a people as republican as the Igbos enter into a union without their consent? This seem to be the problem from the very creation of Nigeria that has occassionally threatened her unity. 

Nigeria is a country that has damaged the psyche of many citizens. They are being subjugated, marginalized, oppressed and visited with all manner of inhumane treatments. Even though Nigeria claims to be practicing democracy, the citizens live under tyranny. Many have lost their real identity, culture and religion. In a recent publication in Punch Newspapers, a psychologist claimed that one in every four Nigerians, suffer acute mental disorder. And I ask, why would they not be given the condition they were forced to endure since the inception of Nigeria? This level of madness is really beyond comprehension and sensibility.

Thanks to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who has come to cure this madness. One can only wonder and appreciate enough, the massive and unequivocal, surgical works that needed to be done in the brains of average black Africans and Biafrans in particular, since his emergence into the liberation space of Biafrans. His work is simply recovering and salvaging the already conquered people. 

The Igbos have been drawn out of their land for total conquest. The applied baits were garnished politically, economically, socially and even spiritually. For an Igboman to be fully cured and redeemed from this snare, it look the likes of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to visit every stratum of his life.

Misinformation and poor education kept many in the dark in political sense, while someone like Ahmadu Bello was recklessly talking about Nigeria being his father's estate. Biafrans (Igbos) were in every sphere of leadership then in the country. The North felt intimidated by the towering status of the Igbos and knowing that they cannot be pocketed, Ahmadu Bello had to speak up to put them in check. This statement also raised the consciousness of Northerners to the fact that they can subdue these flamboyant, wealthy men they once revered as strangers.

The few Easterners in the army did not do any justice to their situation. They 'belly-buried' that bait. In the coup that was termed Igbo coup, Nzeogwu struck. This resulted in an indirect consequence as Igbos were seen as the ones trying to dominate others. They did not care about how many Easterners that were slaughtered in the North before the coup. And this same notion has remained in the mind of many till date. Since after the civil war, every political calculation has failed. That was the hook that caught the fish and sealed the political conquest of our people.

This dogged liberator, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was tagged a terrorist by the Nigerian State. In his broadcast on the 18th of April 2021, the elegant and revered leader, was bombarded with questions by his listeners. He was in high spirit as he dished out answers to those questions. He stated that the economic strangulation melted on Biafrans is painstaking with the Northern Muslims monopolizing almost every business that was Igbos. The charismatic leader then asked, where is Benue cement? Where is Nkalagu cement? Where is Ibeto cement?, etcetera. 'Our people do not reason', he thundered! I could feel his agony and pain about how his people have abandoned the treasures at their disposal in search of greener pastures in other parts of the country. If that is not a conquered people, what then is it?,, one could ask. 

Nigeria has turned many of her citizens to Almajiris. The Northern Fulanis have reduced the Igbos to pitiably mere humans. Imagine some Igbo people like Ohaneze Ndigbo in Northern Nigeria becoming (Arewaeze Ndigbo or Arewaporian Igbos), despite the fact that South-Eastern States are the most peaceful in Nigeria. They came on National Television to humiliate themselves by saying that it is easier doing business in Boko Haram, ISWAP, bandit ravaged Northern states than anywhere else. This they did simply to please their slavemasters, the Fulani lords.

As the Igbos are in search of economic survival in almost every part Nigeria, the Fulanis have taken over their forests/bushes, building, grazing, raping and killing with reckless abandon. Do they know about all these? As they hustle for contracts in Kaduna dry port project, Northern business contingents are building a seaport in Akwa Ibom State with government money. The Easterners are socially and economically stragulated in Nigeria. Trillions of naira have been spent on railways and yet, not an inch was extended to the Eastern part for the fear that it would take them back to their land. It is as if we are not part of this country, we are tied up, muffled and held up in this shame. 

We are pathetically baited and conquered but right in this mess, our faith in Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty), has been renewed. Our hope came alive, as a messiah emerged in the person of Mazi Nnnamdi Kanu. Suddenly, we were infused with fresh strength, mercy and grace for Revival, Recovery, Redemption and Restoration.
Biafra is here!

All hail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!
All hail IPOB!!
All hail ESN!!!

#TogetherWeMove !

Written by Dan O. Nwobodo

Editted by Vivian Ezihie

For Family Writers Press International

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