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Saturday 17 April 2021

Gameover As The Fulanis Are Loosing Their Grip On Their Eastern Puppets

 Gameover As The Fulanis Are Loosing Their Grip On Their Eastern Puppets 

The Fulanis always want to be in charge of the affairs of every part of Nigeria. They want to take over everything, the reason they manipulate and suppress the people and thereby take over the loyalty of the leaders of other regions of the failed Nigerian state.

However, the Fulanis are also very greedy. It wasn't enough for them that they made the entire governors from South East their stooges and puppets, but also put their hands and neck in the affairs of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo. They wanted to control everything, both the government and the socio-cultural groups in Igbo land.

How they managed to steal and run the affairs of Ohanaeze leadership by proxy still beats the imagination of any sane human. The Fulani oligarchy first made sure they sacked the people's elected governor of Imo State using the Supreme Court, because people fears and  dreads them because they can destroy whoever they want, when and how they want it and can jail and free whoever they want. Disobeying or standing against the Fulani in Nigeria is treasonous offence which must be quelled with every possible means available to them. This can be seen when they successfully sacked Gov Emeka Ihedioha, so that they can get a befitting puppet who will do their bidding in the South East without rancor. 

With the forceful ejection of Ihedioha as Imo Governor, they speedily foisted Gov Hope Uzodimma just for the single purpose of having a ground in Igbo land. If you doubt this, take a look at the policies of Hope Uzodimma in Imo state, you will find out that everything he does is in the interest of the Fulani. The Fulani used him to facilitate their takeover of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo leadership by imposing Obiozo who is a Fulani preferred candidate.

Meanwhile, it seems that whatever the Fulani does to takeover Biafra Land, kept backfiring. Their desperation to impose Igbo leaders that dances to their tone in today's Nigeria has made nothing out of Igbo leaders in the eyes of Igbo populace. Today, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo has been reduced to completely nothing. The Fulani made them so useless that they have no more respect in Igbo land. Same thing with the Governors and Senators, they thought having control of Igbo leaders will put Ndị Igbo inside their pockets so as to be used to further their Fulanization agenda. They thought Ndị Igbo were like their Northern people they have conquered and colonised. 

Why do I think that the Fulanis are loosing their Eastern puppets? The 360° turnaround by Hope Uzodimma after he accused IPOB and ESN of masterminding the attack on Imo Prison made me think that Fulani will soon be loosing their stooges. The Fulani for more than 40 years has instilled fear in the hearts and minds of Igbo leaders, that they struggle among themselves who will betray their own people more as to please their Masters up North.

What made Imo State Governor change his mind? The truth is not farfetched. His advisers must have advised him against picking a fight with IPOB. They must have realized that power is gradually changing hands.

Some two years back, some paid writers who also go with the nomenclature 'intellectuals' kept dishing out how Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not speaking for Ndị Igbo. Some said IPOB Leader is a no body and a miscreant. The people have completely lost hope in them and they seem to be forcing themselves on the people using the Fulani controlled Nigeria Army.

Genocide was averted in Orlu, Nigerian military have already started killing people before ESN stepped in and stopped them. Some governors and politicians have remained silent on the recent events taking place in the region. Previously, South East politicians would have started making comments against their own people. Why are they not talking?

They are now afraid of the people rather than their Fulani Masters. Gradually, the people through Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB is winning. Will these politicians start speaking tough against their Fulani Masters, as to gain faces in the eyes of the people? Time will tell.

Written by Elochukw Ohagi

Edited by Ebere Okolie 

For Family Writers Press International

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