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Friday 16 April 2021

Terrorism: Any Foreseeable End In Nigeria?

 Terrorism: Any Foreseeable End In Nigeria?

Religious adherents will strongly respond to the above with 'yes, God will help us', which conversely, constitutes additional problems. One may be tempted to conclude that because there is a global explosion in advanced civilization, the raging episodes of terrorism will be easily contained. Ridiculous headlines and gory images of the dead with mass graves dot media reportage of mayhem. Genocides, terrorists' ravaged communities and numerous internally displaced persons (IDP) camps disappointedly complement disgusting pictures painted today about man's inhumanity to his fellow beings.

Situations in Nigeria may be adjudged not exceptional as elsewhere in the world, terrorism and prejudice hold sway. There exists avoidable wars and breakdown of law and order which unfortunately must have to be lived with. Nigeria is a peculiar case because Biafra is involved. Nigeria was founded on falsehood and has never been a nation. Many divergent ethnic nationalities with incompatible value systems were forced together to cohabit. 

So-called Nigerians themselves are neither patriotic nor proud to wear such a tag except the politicians whose primary interests revolve around nothing else but utilizing opportunities to loot the treasury dry at the detriment of the suffering masses. The people lack clear understanding why they are even Nigerians, addressed as Nigerians and the derivable benefits there from.

Life is not fair living in the country. Everything is done under duress. Keeping Nigeria one has been gruellingly horrific and indescribable. It is a country bedeviled with ethno-religious prejudice, blatant and criminal invasion of indigenous ethnic homelands by Fulani marauding Islamists that disguise as herdsmen and economic terrorism. Natural resources richly deposited in other indigenous lands are being marked for domination through invasion and extermination of rightful owners. 

This drive gave rise to the Biafran genocide that lasted three years (1967-1970), in a war orchestrated by the Nigerian government and it's array of foreign allies led by Britain.  In recent years even up till date, there have been relentless attempts at different fronts by the Fulani terror groups, with the tacit support of the Nigerian government, to carry out unprecedented ethnic cleansing of non-Fulanis in the country since the inception of the present government led by Muhammadu Buhari. Every day has attached news of horrendous atrocities being committed. 

Boko Haram, Fulani bandits, Fulani killer herdsmen, Nigerian police and army have been killing, maiming, abducting and raping scores of the innocent from Borno State in North-East, to Onitsha (Anambra State), Orlu (Imo State), Enugu (Enugu State), Ebonyi, Rivers and Benue States, respectively. Homes and other properties worth fortunes have been wantonly destroyed. All these create a whole lot of environmental hostility, quite unbearable and insecure for civilian habitation.

In a world riddled with crises, the only leeway for escape and enduring peace is to decisively deal with the fundamental cause(s) behind these destructive behaviors amongst which is the uncomfortable silence of the civilized global community. The conspiracy of silence so exhibited has remained the core stimulus of the ongoing Nigerian atrocious developments. Terrorism, genocide, starvation, penury, deprivation, strangulation, tension and wars in the African continent and elsewhere reign supreme. 

The callous complicity of the government of the day and the compromised media have immeasurably brought enormous suffering, distrust, lies and deception upon the innocent civilian populace in Nigeria. The institutions that have championed human rights conventions particularly that of Rome statute are clear on the matter. The article deals extensively with six issues of genocidal crime and seven other deals bordering on crimes against humanity which specifically criminalizes the Nigerian situation. These are indisputable realities that are staring them in the face as they have chosen the part of conspired silence. Click on the beneath link for verification.

The world powers whose driving interests centre on the natural resources of the Biafran people which were entrusted into the custody of the Fulani oligarchy right from 1914 through the amalgamation theory, has remained the bane.   Colonial Britain that recently left the European Union for freedom sake encapsulated in both economic and social well-being of all Britons, has ironically been encouraging evil against the indigenous people groups contrapted into Nigeria. British missionaries may have adventured into this part of the world with good intentions but today's turn of events ably suggest otherwise. Britain, standing against all good consciences, is culpably tutoring their Fulani slave servants to unleash their Islamic Jihadists on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court people.

Truth remains that solving the problem of terrorism does not just usher in enduring peace and relief but equally solves from the source, all world's seeming endemic difficulties that have before now, defied solutions. It is like opening a new vista of hope and bringing to an end, polarization of politics, corruption, hatred, racial bias, starvation, refugee crises, inequality and greed. The evil concept of depopulation through vaccines of death will be gone. Surely, the season to win over this conspiracy of silence will dawn and in the end of it all, there will be a joyful recall of victory. And according to the words of Martin Luther King Junior, "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends".

Article Written by Amanda Uzor

Edited By Peter Oshagwu

Family Writers Press International

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