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Sunday 2 May 2021

Revelation Of Suicidal Plot In Biafraland

The visionary leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, had lamentedly warned in his last Radio Biafra broadcast: "Death is coming. Death is coming". Let him who has ears to hear, hear distinctly. From every indication, it does appear that the Nigerian terrorist government and it's compromised military, have perfected their plans to massacre Biafrans.  Like they have been doing, they will yet point accusing fingers at IPOB to distract Nigerians while they will cobtinue to carry out the same plot they have always accused IPOB of. We see what happened with the prison break at Imo State. After releasing fake intelligence that IPOB have plans to attack the prison and the Owerri Central Police Headquarters. You would think that they will put security in place to prevent such occurence. But they did not because they are the perpetrators of the said crime. 

Now they have indirectly confessed to the crime of genocide that they (tertorist government of Nigeria), their compromised military and South-East governors, are about to commit another. This is well pictured in the response to the lies of the officials of Department of Security Services (DSS) that IPOB is moving explosives in trucks from Lagos to Imo state. If actually they mean what they are saying, why did they fail to intercept the said trucks conveying the explosives as a proacrive measure in stemming the crime?

How can DSS say that IPOB is moving Explosives from Lagos to Imo State? Why from Lagos of all places? Does DSS think that IPOB can be stupid to move weapons from Lagos State to Biafraland?  This should be clear to everyone that the officials of DSS are manipulative liars. People should therefore fully know that DSS is up to something in Biafraland and must be held accountable for any eventuality.

IPOB cannot be that stupid to import weapon talkless of moving them from Lagos into Biafraland. Time and time again, the leadership of IPOB have told the world that everything that is needed to defend Biafra territories will be made in Biafraland. IPOB do not buy arms neither do they import arms. If Nigeria can criminally kill her own citizens in broad daylight, she can effortlessly go to whatever length to lie and deceive. We saw all that happened at the Lekki toll gate massacre in Lagos and up till now, nothing has changed.

The general public is hereby enjoined to totally disregard such lies from the DSS. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), are not after innocent citizens but only FULANI TERRORISTS that are disguisingly y parading themselves as herders, as well as government agents in both army and police uniforms. 

Meanwhile, people can say and believe whatever they like about IPOB but this body has remained indestructible and formidable. We will do anything possible to save and defend our land from this Islamic TERRORISTS. Now is the time for everyone to be on alert. Watch what is going on around you and do not ever depend on your government to save you or you will all perish.


All hail IPOB Worldwide!

All hail ESN, the genuine and only Security Outfit for the Eastern region!!

All hail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the prophet of our own time and a liberator of the oppressed!!!

Written by Samuel Uchenna
Edited by Vivian Ezihie

Family Writers Press International

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