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Sunday 2 May 2021

A Faultly Structured Nigeria Cannot Survive

Before 1914, there was nothing like Nigeria. The existence of Nigeria was started by lord Lugard through the 1914 amalgamation as named by her then girlfriend, Flora Shaw. The amalgamation was not designed to enhance the socio-political, economic and total well being of the indigenous populations within it's space. It was strictly put in place to advance British buisness interest.

Nigeria's amalgamation was consciously designed to carry out an advanced form of mental slavery of the people trapped therein, so that the interest of the slavemasters will never ever be threatened.

The Nigerian educational system was tactically destroyed to dement the mental powers of as many as could be held within her confines of operations. This can be clearly seen in the quality of graduates produced annually. Most of the Nigerian graduates are just programmed to remember what they were taught without engaging their God-given mental capabilities. That is why Ph.D. degree holders who cannot put facts together to arrive at valid conclusions, are seen quoting other people's opinion or factoring in religious or tribal sentimentalism. 

Using demented educational value system as a chronic mental slavery tool, has over the years given birth to a populace that lives, enjoys and promotes irresponsibility while praying and waiting on God and angels to come and solve their problems. This is the core reason many people in Nigeria cannotb stand up to take up responsibilities since in their brains, banditry, kidnapping, poverty, killings and all terrorism acts seem to be either end in political talkshows or mad display of the quest for rulership.

Nigeria from her creation, has remained an error. She was formerly known as Royal Niger Company (RNC) after the Great Britain bought it over with the sum of £865,000 in 1899.

So horrible this may appear but that is the bitter truth.

Nigeria was never created for humans but rather, as a business empire of the British. This is the reason why she can never be developed but instead, will keep depreciating in value. As the Bible said “ once destroyed, what can the righteous do?... “ Foundation determines the kind of structure that would be built, the strength and the durability. 

Today, Nigeria is rated as one of the countries with worst access to electricity and third worst governed in the entire world. What an economical impediment! This is coming after sixty (60) good years of independence. To get the scores straight, Nigeria's insecurity has become so disappointed that even the federal government itself, is openly expressing willful support for terrorism. Patanmi's case has proven to the whole world, how complicit the government has become in crimes promotion and terrorism sponsorship. 

Despite the fact that Britain bought Nigeria as a company, her political and government leaders having seen it's irredeemable structure, have chosen to use all forms of thuggery to retain political power with the aim of accumulating and syphoning any wealth meant to cater for the generality of the people and shore up economical capacity, for their own selfish interests and that of their families.

The daily unbearable slavery burdens upon the people therein trapped, have renewed the irreversible call for total break up of the country.

The Nigerian government sensing that the center can no longer hold, has chosen brutality instead of engaging in peaceful negotiations with the people. This is to create a conducive environment for business and social life enhancement or better still, peacefully granting referenda to all the troubled regions that are placing demands for such.
The brutal tacts of the Nigerian government has yielded all forms of agitations alongside that of Biafra.
The extrajudicial killings of peaceful protesters either placing calls for the stoppage of bad governance as in the case of Lekki toll gate, Lagos, or Biafra restoration agitation, have led to such potential resistances right from the indigenous people to state actors.

Nigeria today is like a woman who discovered the growth of cancer cells on her breast but chose not to medically attend to it at the early stage till her two breasts got ravaged and left her health devastated unto death.

This country over the years, has built up a system where violence is promoted as a life style leading to economical downturn, poor or dead educational system, incapacitated humans, hatred, tribalism, poverty, unqualified professionals in offices, and so much uncountable jungle state of life that will lead to none else other than total choas.

The battle of it's faulty foundation coupled with leaders' myopicism in judgment, have left every sane fellow to think, pursue and uphold the course of self-determination.

The current state of Nigeria, is quite irredeemable. For the indigenous inhabitants to survive, they have to collectively rise up to demand for their independence.

The country has entered into a dangerous state and cannot implode any moment from now if not carefully handled. It has really never got to this height before where security of life and property, is repudiated by the federal government but blatantly empowers the military to protect Fulani herdsmen who are openly using AK-47 to carry out attacks on neighborhoods. They aim through this, to decimate the rightful indigenous land owners and occupy their lands.

Nigeria is self-afflicted and survival as a country is definitely not in sight.
Dying for such a country where lives of citizens, properties, businesses and education are valueless is totally inhumane. All hands must therefore, be on deck to kill this evil union called Nigeria before it kills all of us. 

Written by
Donald Okorie

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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